Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turning 50: "Ma'am We Can Either Do this the Easy Way or the Hard Way"

In my meditation today I had a thought swing through my consciousness.  I have been having mixed feelings -- well, mostly negative mixed in with a drop of enthusiasm -- about turning 50.  In my meditation those fears were revealed to me when I felt like a comic from the world of Spirit showed me the image of two cops on either side of me, one of them saying "Ma'am we can either do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way."  I had to laugh.

It's so true.  I can either fight it, or I can ease into it.  It would have been like trying to stop adolescence, or stop that wonderful time in my 30's where I started feeling more powerful in my own skin, or in my 40's when I really sort of met myself head on and said "Well, nice to meet you." 

Fighting nature, putting on the brakes, saying "no" to one chapter being over....well it really is as silly as the little image I was shown in my meditation.

I'm now going to pretend the cops were hot guys who were pretending to be cops who were about to take me on the adventure of my life:  the second half.