Monday, September 27, 2010

Lazy Woman on the Road

I've been traveling a lot so I've missed a few Trader Joe's Tuesdays and Five & Dime Fridays ....and now I'm off to London and Paris for work and a wee bit of pleasure.

So, stay tuned...Happy Lazy Fall to All!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lazy Liver

I have the most-amazing-in-the-whole-history-of-the-universe ACCUPUNCTURIST. I made an appoinment a few weeks ago to see her to keep on track with dealing LAZILY with perimenopausal symptoms. She's doing such an amazing job for me.

Little did I know that the few weeks since making the appointment would be filled with extraordinary stressors. The last seven days were so highly stressful, with wacky wild ass stressors coming from every different weird angle you could imagine, that by the time I got to her I was nearly a mess.

When I don't manage my stress as lazily as might best benefit me, my body starts getting wacky illnesses -- the kind requiring blood tests and ultrasounds and the like. I've got some real life "stuff" going on now that is in large part -- if not in all part -- due to the stress.

Marsha Connor my aforementioned most-amazing-in-the-whole-history-of-the-universe ACCUPUNCTURIST told me that my liver is the source of all this "stuff" and told me that the liver is like a dutiful royal soldier who stands up mightily to protect me against these stressors. But, she said "it isn't at no cost that he defends you..." So, the other duties of said dutiful soldier liver, like filtering blood and hormones and the like are unfortunately post-wartime duties that are left for more peaceful times.

I told Marsha that I have been craving a la Popeye massive amounts of spinach. Indeed, leafy greens that are slightly bitter are great for your liver soldier is water with fresh lemon or lime.

So, if you are ever in a high stress period, one thing you can do --- if you aren't finding time for bubble baths, massage, yoga, breathing, meditation, calming this and calming that, lazy this and lazy -- is put the right things in your mouth: drink lemony water and choose your green leafies at meals.

She also gave me a fabulously named chinese herb blend --- Serenagen (by Metagenics) -- it's amazing! It does its name justice -- it improves the serene factor!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Trader Joe's Tuesday - Chocolate & Wine

I had a fairly miraculous culinary experience this weekend. We went to Los Olivos, the

most amazingly Italian country-side like wine country located just 1/2 hour East of Santa Barbara. It's actually hard to get a bad flavor to accidentally land on a taste bud when you are in Los Olivos. We actually haven't ever had a disappointing meal, snack or sip there, but this experience at Saarloos & Sons was nothing short of heavenly.

Saarloos & Sons has partnered with a brilliant baking duo, who bake cupcakes filled with unique wine-infused creams, custards, patissieres, and gooey goodness, topped with just enough frosting that isn't at all too sugary. The cakes are moist, moist, moist, and fluffy.

But, when you grab your "Flight of Cupcakes" -- 6 tiny babies -- you walk just a few steps to the tasting bar, where they pour six glasses of elixir for you to drink with your tasty bites.

This was a first for me. Sure, I've had red wine with chocolate but really mostly by accident: red wine still in the glass while having dessert. But, these pairings were divine.

Well, Trader Joe's has plenty of wine and they also have plenty of cupcakes. So, if you can't make your way to Los Olivos in the near future, give TJ's a shot. My recommendation is a nice Pinot Noir with a deep dark chocolate cupcake today!

Buon Appetito Wine Country Style!

Friday, September 03, 2010

Five & Dime Fridays - Grill, Baby, Grill

My boyfriend was a non-fan of zucchini until I introduced him to GRILLED zucchini. It is amazing how charring zucchini -- even minimally on the edges or with grill marks -- really adds a most delicious dimension to the flavor. Now Aaron is addicted to grilled zucchini. And, he made the very best grilled marinated shrimp so this Five & Dime Friday is dedicated to him

So, here's a speedy 10 minute dinner (if you have a gas grill outdoors or a Foreman grill inside):

1. Zucchini -- cut tips off and cut lengthwise down the middle
2. Fresh Shrimp (or frozen that you've thawed in fridge while at work)
3. Frozen Jasmine Rice
4. Olive Oil
5. Spices

Heat up your grill. Take a big bowl and throw in about 1/4 olive oil, 1 teaspoon red chili flakes, 1 tablespoon herbs de provence, and some lemon or lime juice to taste -- enough to coat what you've got (so adjust if you do a ton). Toss the zucchini and shrimp in the marinade, while you throw the rice in the microwave. Throw the zucchini and shrimp on the heated grill. Neither of these items takes long to grill. One flip in 2 or 3 minutes and you are done. When you get back from the grill, your rice will be done and you'll have a lovely perfectly balanced fresh supper to serve!