Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sexy Water

I caught a glimpse of my face in the mirror at Pilates this morning. Not lovin' it. I confess I haven't been drinking enough water lately. I've been busy in the evenings so I've been missing TV shows and movies that I normally would catch. So, they are waiting for me in the DVR lineup. When I finally sit down at the end of a busy evening, I feel like the casts are in there screaming "Watch me! Watch me!" So, I stay up way too late and do as they ask, of course.

The fallout is that I have been underslept these last few days and I've been drinking more coffee. When I'm nursing coffee in all its myriad forms throughout the day, I don't drink as much water. Just a few days out of the habit and I literally forget to bring water to my desk! And, I consider myself a water-holic, so this is odd for me. But, being underslept all I want is sugar and caffeine. Water isn't enticing me right now, and my skin is suffering.

I need to turn this around so I stopped at the store on my way home and got some oranges. I have a Persian cucumber, and there are lemons on the tree outside. So, as soon as I hit "POST" I'm going to go make myself the most delicious pitcher of ice water with thinly sliced cucumber, orange and lemon. I am committed to drinking the whole pitcher before I go to bed. I promise you, oh dear blog witness.

And, I'm going to put it in my favorite glass pitcher so I can see the colors. I need to make my water as sexy as possible. That should do it.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Wednesday so it's Time for Trader Joe's Tuesday Lazy Woman Tips!

Yes, it's Wednesday but I just came up with a fabulous idea! I was in Pilates class and Giuliana mentioned that she was going to run off to Trader Joe's to buy the two ingredients for the Lazy Woman Anti-Aging Skin Treatment! Everyone asked what the hell the ingredients could be and I told them all in one little aisle at Trader Joe's....and it got me thinking, I am constantly giving people Lazy Woman Trader Joe's tips in real life that I should share here!

So, here is the very first Trader Joe's Tuesday Lazy Woman Tip! From now on you'll find these tips in their proper place, but in typical Lazy Woman fashion, with less stress and more joy... 'tis Wednesday my friends but here you go anyway ... shopping list arranged by Trader Joe's sections and instructions to make it happen FAST!

Lazy Fiesta Mexicana Salad in Minutes

From the Veggie Section at TJ's
Lettuce (any kind you want, but ironically I get the "Very American Salad" mix for this)
Cilantro and/or Chives (fresh in the veggie section) or Purple Onion

From Near the Veggies at TJ's
Cheese (I use sharp cheddar because it has a lot of bang for the bite, so I use very little)
Salsa (or Hot Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce below)

From the Frozen Foods Section at TJ's
Jasmine Rice (in the frozen food section - it comes three bags to a box)

From the Canned Foods Section at TJ's
Pinto Beans or Black Beans
Sliced Black Olives
Jalapeno Pepper Hot Sauce
Olive Oil (if you don't already have)

I don't tell you how much of each thing to put in because you can be creative and adjust easily to the number of people you are feeding. But, this is how it's done in less than 5 minutes:

  1. Enter your kitchen.
  2. Open the freezer and get out a bag of the Jasmine Rice. Poke it with a knife a couple times. Throw it in the microwave. My microwave I set at 2:22. Might take up to three minutes on your microwave. You don't want it to be super hot, just cooked.
  3. Get out the can of beans. Drain and pour into a bowl, ready to put into the microwave when the rice is done.
  4. Open the can of olives and drain.
  5. Chop up the fresh herbs, the tomato and avocado as you see fit. Throw into a big salad bowl.
  6. Add the lettuce and the drained olives.
  7. Grate some cheese into the bowl -- if you choose to put it in. (You can omit this and the avocado and olives, if you want it to be more low-cal.)
  8. The rice is done now so put the beans in the microwave for about a minute to warm them up.
  9. Add the rice to your salad bowl.
  10. Add lemon juice, olive oil, salsa and/or Jalapeno Pepper sauce, and salt to taste. (I go lighter on the olive oil if I have avocado, cheese and/or olives in there, and a little heavier on it when I don't add those. But, really the "dressing" is mostly lemon and salsa so it is light and you enjoy more of all the fresh flavors.)
  11. Beans are done! Throw them in. Toss it up.
  12. Enjoy!
NOTE: If you don't care about calories, you can, of course, crumble up some of your favorite Tortilla Chips over from the Chips/Beer TJ aisle, but I'd rather have a little cheese, olives and/or avocado as the added calories. It's up to you!

Buenas Noches!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Lazy Woman Anti-Aging Skin Care Tip

It has been a truly perfect Spring day in Los Angeles. I have french doors in my bedroom that look out onto two oak trees, a lemon tree and some other wonderful flora and fauna (ok, squirrels are the bulk of the fauna, I admit). When I woke up I could tell it wasn't too hot or too cold, that Goldilocks would have deemed this a perfectly tempered day and I opened the doors.

I have the most perfect dogs because they are always happy to lay in bed and cuddle, rarely pressure me to go outside my morning comfort zone, and love to lounge. When the doors are open they seem equally relaxed but they turn their heads ever so slightly toward the open door, and you can see they are truly ecstatic. They are still lolling, but they are also watching for squirrels, knowing -- as if they have a secret -- that the door is open and they can pounce at first sight of a furry tail.

It was a delicious morning, and the only thing that would make it any more scrumptious was a great book. I have this rather unfortunate trend going on lately which is that I only read when I travel. Luckily, I travel a lot. I was so happy to think of reading, and start to reverse this trend. Luckily I have a huge stack of books to read right next to my bed, thanks in part to my friend Kathy who loaded many into a box with other treasures for my birthday. On the top of the pile "I Feel Bad About My Neck" by the very cool, I-wanna-have-coffee-with-her-one-day, brilliant, hilarious Nora Ephron.

It's a very fast read which is why even after getting up late, taking a work out and pilates break, and more, I am done. I wish there were more, but it reminded me that I promised to share my beauty secret on this blog: youth serum for the skin!

Nora Ephron says that a doctor once told her that at age 43 your neck starts to go and there's nothing you can do about it unless you get a facelift, since that whole region is all interconnected. She's not going that route, so she hates her neck, among other things about aging. I can relate, as can most people around my age. Even though my skin is in amazing shape -- due to the secret I'm about to let out of the bag -- I am seeing the change in my neck, and of course, other body parts.

We are all fighting aging in our own way. I had a psychic once tell me "You won't get married until later in life, but don't worry because you'll always look 10 years younger than you are..." I was probably in my early 30's and at that point was nearly oblivious to aging. But, I was instantly grateful for my genes. Both my mother and grandmother always looked far younger than their years, and I thought we were all blessed.

My grandmother died of kidney disease a year and a half ago. If you know anyone with advanced kidney disease you know that the brain chemistry is affected as well and they can have some pretty crazy moments. Like this one.

In the middle of a perfectly lovely afternoon, my grandmother asked me out of the blue if I wanted to tell her to secret to her looking so young. I said "I thought it was the genes you so generously handed down to me." She erupted with horror, "No, no, no, no, no!" I apologized for my idiocy and she asked me again if I wanted to know her secret. I told her I did, of course. Then her slightly addled brain caused her to lean into me -- even though we were completely alone -- to whisper "You have to promise to not tell your mother. Do you promise to NOT tell her?" I started to laugh, thinking she must be joking but it soon became clear she was dead serious, so I promised, squelching the hilarity of the moment.

Then she said "You know how I always have Aloe Vera and Vitamin E oil in my bathroom?" I said "Yes..." She replied that that was the secret, and again made me swear to not tell my mother. Again, I promised. At the time I was using a new line of skincare a friend who worked in the industry had professed was "the answer." I hadn't been happy using the anti-aging cremes, serums and elixirs, because it was just too time-consuming. And, frankly, I swore my skin actually looked worse.

So, I started my grandmother's regimen and have never looked back. I recently had a facial -- only perhaps the third in my life. I bid on it at a fundraiser and thought it sounded great, an aromatherapy facial. It was fantastic. Unbelievably relaxing. But, the facialist couldn't believe my age and said I probably never had facials because my skin was already in such great shape. She asked what I did. I told her grandma's secret. After all, she wasn't my mother, right?

When Judie and I wrote our book I said that one of the secret's to my great skin was water consumption. And, I actually still believe that to be true. When I don't drink as much water, it shows on my face and neck the next day. So, I still swear that that is part of why my skin looks good.

Also, I love the way exfoliating makes my skin feel, so I have always exfoliated every time I take a shower or bath. I work out a lot and like to take baths to end my day, so I always take two showers or baths a day, which means I exfoliate my face at least once a day. This might be too harsh for some skin types, but it works for me, and makes my skin endlessly soft.

So, this is the sum total of what I do for my skin:

1. WATER -- Drink a lot of water.
2. EXFOLIATE -- Use an exfoliant scrub every time I shower/bathe. Currently I am using 1) Boots Tea Tree + Witch Hazel Exfoliating Face Scrub (I picked up in London, and am praying I'll be able to find here when I run out...most of the Boots line can be found at Target and CVS, so I'm hopeful) which is chunkier and really wakes me up and 2) the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant which is delicate and makes you feel like you've exfoliated and had a masque because you leave it on just a couple of minutes to's so cool!
3. GRANDMA'S ALOE-E-LIXIR -- Take a little less than a dime size dab of Aloe Vera gel (the more pure the better -- look for the kind without alcohol or as little alcohol as possible) and maybe two drops of Vitamin E oil. (By the way, both of these things can be found in our Los Angeles Trader Joe's, but are easily found elsewhere as well.) Rub it in. If you put in too much Vitamin E oil, you'll see it, and you can just dab it down, but over time it all soaks's just a matter of not wanting to have a shiny face!

The very cool extra benefit of this concoction is that when you put make up on, it's easy to wipe away any mistakes. I always get mascara on my cheek after I blink and it wipes away easily.

WARNING: The only issue with this Aloe-E-lixir is that Vitamin E makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, so you need to put sunblock over it if you are going out.

My neck was indeed the first thing to show age, and I've noticed the Aloe-E-lixir makes a huge difference. And, when I travel, which is always drying for the skin, I put it on my face and neck during the flight, which is also incredibly refreshing.

So, happy travels, and happy trails to beautiful YOUTHFUL skin! And, thanks to Grandma, God rest her sweet soul!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Lazy Greening of Your Life

I am so energized. I was just an event produced by the Pasadena Weekly (magazine I write for) honoring powerful women in our community. It was so exciting to be amongst such amazing women, most of whom (unlike me) also have kids beyond running huge corporations and kick ass businesses. I hope they all have our book because they do a lot of juggling and need our Lazy QuickTips! Several I spoke to said they were going to definitely pick up a copy, which is a good thing on every level.

One very inspiring mother and entrepreneur I met was Caroline Howell whose light spirit and equally light but friendly Alabama accent instantly draw you in. Then you find out that she runs one of the most life-affirming, earth-friendly businesses: GreenBeanie which helps people green and health-ify their homes! Check out her website at

I asked her if she has a blog and she promised to start one by the end of the weekend, so I look forward to linking with her blog because she is a Lazy Woman Solution -- she helps people help themselves, their families and the world!

I was listening to "Good Morning America" this morning as I fed and played with my dogs. I heard them mention a study that concluded that people who have uplifting friendships live longer -- much longer! Today's event reminded me of that as over 100 women gathered to exchange business cards, ideas and energy. You could see people milling around looking for their like-minded mates. It's important to be around people and things that GIVE you energy.

Judie and I wrote a section of our book on vampires, i.e., the real life kind of people who drain you of energy when you are with them. If every time you speak on the phone or spend time with someone your energy is drained, you might want to do all that you can to limit contact with that person. (I know, it could be a family member...just do your best to limit the time.) On the other hand, if someone consistently leaves you feeling better about yourself, uplifted or energized, then cultivate that friendship like you cultivate your garden....keep the flowers blooming, and keep adding seeds and plants. Keep the oxygen-giving green growin'!

So, the thought for the day is "Thinking Green is a Lazy Thing to Do!"

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Lazy Technology

I am doing my 31 Day Blogger Class the Lazy Way....not in 31 Days! It's really great though and I know it would be a most brilliant choice to do all 31 lessons in 31 days. I'd be a blogger genius in a month. But, alas, alack, I've been mostly traveling these last few weeks, so I've had to let go my expectations of getting it done the "RIGHT WAY" and do it the way it CAN be done now...the Lazy Way.

Not doing things as they are meant to be done can be a source of frustration and "make wrong" for me. I feel like I did when I was in first grade and I missed the instructions on how to do a book report. I returned to class the second day into writing book reports and the teacher very sweetly came to my side and asked how I was doing. The book report I vividly remember was on one of those Dick and Jane and Spot books. I was sweating bullets and had been since I started because I had never been good at penmanship. The "report" was taking me forever because...drum roll..... I thought a book report was copying a book - word for word -- on my big lined paper. I saw everyone looking at their books and then writing carefully on their pages so I just assumed! Shockingly, no I was not retarded, I had just missed the instructions when I was out sick AND when Miss Anderson asked me if I knew how to do a book report, I was too embarassed to say I didn't. I loved more than life itself and I was already slightly angry with God for not making her my mother, but if I had a shot at having her as my mother, I needed to be as smart as possible.

She kneeled at the side of my desk when everyone else was just about finished and I was clearly having a hard time. When she saw my pages, she very obviously nearly pulled a muscle trying not to laugh out loud. She smiled sweetly, I'm sure biting hard on the inside of her cheek and held her arms over her stomach, holding in the peels of laughter I know she thought would eek out if she let go. She was so incredibly kind though and said it was her fault. I was still profoundly humiliated for being so stupid. I like to do things right. Even more than wanting to do things right is wanting to do them fast. I like to be the best AND the fastest, thank you very much.

So, being Lazy is good for me. Being a lazy blogger is good too. It just means the learning curve is a little longer! All this to say that I have had a few questions about COMMENTS on this blog! Yes, you can comment! I would love it! The comment link is tiny and a little hard to see, but it is just at the end of the blog, so please feel free to add your own Lazy Wisdom and share what you wish! I welcome it!!!!

Lazy Technology Day to All!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lazy Summer Salad

It was hot today in Sierra Madre! It felt like Summer. And, since I'm taking off for a few days tomorrow morning, I thought I'd do my best to use up every single veggie in the fridge. I was delighted to find the following ingredients:

1 large yellow pepper
1/4 huge Persian cucumber
1 Roma tomato
1/2 avocado
1 lemon
2 cobs of corn

Give me a break! That's a miraculous list of ingredients on the first summery day! So, while I steamed the corn, I chopped up the entirety of the yellow pepper, cucumber, tomato and avocado -- in small, equal-sized pieces, so it was almost salsa like, but without the liquid. I added the juice of 1/2 the lemon, some olive oil, a couple splashes of red wine vinegar, some salt and my favorite ingredient these days "Pico de Gallo" seasoning (brand name actually is Pico de Gallo's) which is basically Cayenne Pepper plus. I love this seasoning and put it on my steamed corn too! But, my gosh that salad was so fresh, summery, light and filling.

It was a nice way to welcome the coming heat....just in time for me to jet away into slightly cooler climes of Dallas!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Dancing Up a Lazy Storm

My tap teacher gave me her business card last week and I noticed she taught belly dancing. I've been wanting to try out belly dancing for a while, just to experience moving my hips in such a feminine way. So, I started her belly dancing class this week too. Two new forms of dance in one week sounded daunting but she encouraged me, saying "dance is dance -- it all works together, teaching you to move."

Shockingly, they are working together in a few different ways. One of them is with regard to shifting weight. It's the hardest thing for me so far, mostly because I think too hard about it. It's almost like thinking about breathing. When I'm nervous and I notice my breath is a little labored, when I focus on how jagged the breath is, and how nervous I actually sound, it freaks me out even more.

I think that one of the biggest lessons I'm getting from dance, and will continue to learn, is TRUST. Shifting weight, like breathing, is natural, and we all have a knack for it! I need to trust the shift, trust the movement, and do what always works: focus on the FUN....and dance up a Lazy Storm!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lazy Tax Day

One would think that as a Lazy Woman I would understand my friends who waited until the last minute to do their taxes, but I actually don't consider that the most delicious kind of procrastination. We actually have a section in our book on Procrastination and we talk about how it can be a good idea in small doses, just not if it's actually going to increase your stress. The idea is LESS STRESS and MORE JOY. So, a good barometer is asking that question: "Is procrastinating now going to create or alleviate stress, or add/subtract some joy?"

How I deal with my taxes is I get all my prep done by the end of February (while the previous year is still fresh in my mind, too!), and I make it FUN! I know that sounds really insane but it's true. I put on a great old movie (or two! -- I usually do it in a couple different sessions) that I love, one that I have seen a bijillion times that I don't have to necessarily "watch" and I go through the basket of folders with my year's receipts, my calendar, and I put it my year's expenses in my handy dandy grid. My grid makes me happy. It has pretty colors.... and it really works for me! When I'm done with it, I'm proud to send it to my Tax Lady.

Yet again having a "buddy" is always a Lazy solution. My buddy for taxes is my Tax Lady, Marie May, who has done my taxes for about 15 years. She is great at what she does, deals with all my very bizarre consulting and writing income, and really loves what she does. I think that's part of what makes me excited to send her my grid. She loves what she does and I love to make her job as easy as possible.....'cause she's my bud!

I think another part of why I get a jolt of joy when I get my taxes done is a gift from my dad. When I was young I worked for his small business in Alaska. When I got my first paycheck he sat me down to explain the taxes that were taken out. He told me what a PRIVILEGE it was to pay taxes. He explained that the roads, bridges, libraries, police officers, etc. are paid for by taxes, and that I was now a tiny part in the grand scheme of things working in our world. He really made me feel proud of having the taxes taken out!

So, today I'm grateful for my dad, and my Lazy Solution to Tax Preparation: make it fun, get it done early, and have a buddy aka Tax Lady!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Lazy Tap Buddy

Last year around my birthday I started Pilates, which I swear is the laziest darned solution for fitness there is. I feel even stronger than when I was doing an intense weight training and I feel more limber than when I was religiously doing yoga three times a week. I carry my body differently and feel stronger in my core -- and everywhere -- than ever before. I decided I'd learn something new each year.

I was open to discovering what this "new year" would bring. I thought maybe guitar lessons, maybe pole dancing! But, when I arrived in London I was inspired to go that very first night to see the musical "Billy Elliott," which has an exhilerating crescendo of a tap scene in it. I was thinking "Ooooooh, this might be it!" Then, synchronistically on the way home from Europe I watched the movie version of "Billy Elliott" and I was then completely sold, and couldn't wait to get my tap shoes! Within days I had my shoes and was signed up for a class!

Then came the surprise: I sucked! I really sucked, and I could see faint traces of concern in my teacher's face. I imagined her thinking "Hmmmm...wonder if this is the first person in the history of mankind who literally can't tap!" I starting thinking that my brain and body might not be able to talk to each other like they used to. That thought turned immediately into feisty passion because I am ready, willing and able to fight the signs of aging! I asked my teacher if there was hope IF I practiced every day. She said (seeming to hope it herself!) "You'll be golden..."

I was worried about practicing alone, though, especially if my feet weren't making the cute, clippy, sharp sounds they should be making. On my way out of my first class the teacher said "Just put on music you can really groove to...." I didn't know if I could bring groove and tap into the same room, but i was determined to get better.

So I rushed home, ran in the door, straight to the CD collection, which is, quite honestly, not the most interesting of CD collections. But, the third one in the stack was my savior and my Lazy Tap Buddy, the master himself....Sammy Davis Jr.!

And, why is he the most super cool of home tap buddies? Because he does this great thing that he's kind of famous for...he starts his songs out really dramatically slow, almost talking and then revs it up -- which is perfect for a beginning tapper. I love Sammy. I love him so much because he makes me WANT to practice and I'm getting better because of him.

Having a buddy is always a lazy solution, but having a super cool buddy is just icing on the lazy cake!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Lazy Delicious Breakfast -- Inspired by London!

My favorite part of traveling is the long-lasting effects it has on my life. I bring things home that remind me of my travels. I try to buy something to wear, something to hang on the wall, and something that I will use on a regular basis. So, I bought two beautiful mirrors in Morocco that look so Moroccan to me, and remind me of the magical times at the Medina. I got a very cool keychain that wards off evil (the evil eye) and is beautiful that I use every day, and I got the coolest suede coat that still smells of the Medina to me. And, my friends in Morocco bought me the most wonderful purple suede boots, I simply couldn't be any cooler now!

The other thing I love to bring back from my travels is RECIPES. Right off the plane I ran to the store to get lentils and carrots to recreate two of my most favorite Moroccan treats. Oh my god, how delicious and also very nutritious! Yummy Morocco. I can't wait to get some fresh sardines to cook up, because I was in taste bud heaven when I devoured a few of these delicious fish. I had never seen big huge sardines, let alone tasted them!

The other culinary inspiration I brought home was shockingly from London. London now rivals New York as far as I'm concerned in the area of cuisine. I literally never put a morsel into my mouth my entire trip that didn't thrill me. And, I was most often eating "on the go." London has so many fresh, delicious, healthy "to go" foods it's incredible, including Japanese restaurants on nearly every block. Every morning I started my day at Pret a Manger (French for "ready to eat"). There are Pret a Mangers all over London. I was happy to hear they are bringing them to the States. I can't wait til they make it to LA! They have the most delicious oatmeal. It is a combination of oatmeal and Muesli.

Well, I've made my own version which actually might be better than the Pret a Manger version, and both ingredients are found at Trader Joe's!

Quick Steel Cut Oats
Low Fat Berry Granola

Directions: Add 1/4 cup of the Quick Steel Cut Oats to just under a cup of water (the recipe for the oats calls for 3/4 cup but you are adding a bit more to absorb the granola) in a small pot. Bring to a boil. This whole process takes just about 5 minutes. Add about 1/4 cup of the granola, stir and let it cook another minute. ENJOY!

Note: If it's not sweet enough for you, my favorite sweetener for these oats is Agave. It doesn't overpower the oats like honey or maple syrup do. But, if honey, maple syrup or brown sugar float your boat, go for it.

This is a nutritious, delicious breakfast that really sticks with you! Try it and tell me what you think!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Lazy = Less Stress, More Joy!

It's so good to add more sources of joy to one's life. I've added a new source. It's like discovering a new vitamin source, like "Oh, I love mean they're a good source of anti-oxidants and I love them?!!" In this case, it's "Oh, I love my new tap dancing obsession and it gives me JOY too?!!!"

Joy is a natural de-stresser. It focuses the soul, the heart, and every cell of your body on nourishing goodness. Even if it doesn't last's a feel good thing to find new sources of joy. For instance, I got frustrated and felt very uncoordinated, and honestly slightly retarded, at many points during my first class tonight, but when I got something even slightly right my heart soared, and honestly even hearing other people doing it right with that sharp, clicky, delicious, synchronized tapping filled me with joy. Even though it wasn't my feet making the perfect sounds, it was exhilerating.

I am preparing to go to a funeral tomorrow. I'm having a hard time with this death because it's for my godson who I had literally no relationship with. I feel pretty guilty about not cultivating that relationship, so I keep letting go, letting go, letting go. It's good to have a little tapping in my heart during these times of slightly darkened skies.

I am reminded of the Gandhi quote: "Where there is love, there is life."

Tap. Tap. Tap. Rest in peace, Jason.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Lazy Womanopause!

I appear to be having my first perimenopausal symptom! Oh joy! Time to start tapping! Last night after my most joyous tap workout --- where I was literally so happy I was smiling for hours --- I started having a very odd symptom. It felt like I had little ants or spiders crawling all over me.

The night before there had been a few mosquitoes in the house, so I thought it was a mosquito. Then I remembered that I had been sort of creeped out by the dead squirrel that had been delicately laid to rest on my couch earlier in the day...was I just a little creeped out? Or, did the beloved dead one have flees?

Well, it just got worse and worse, so I was up almost all night. Then I googled "itchy skin symptom" and lo' and behold several hits had the word "menopause"!!!

So, my lazy answer to this is book an appointment with the best hormone expert on the planet, Prudence Hall of The Hall Center --- The waiting list to even get a returned call is about a month. Hopefully I won't have the itching all month, for the Love of a Lazy God!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Lazy Woman Cure for Aging

I've decided I need to stretch my brain, so I bought TAP SHOES today and just finished a Tappercize catch a few steps before I venture out into the public for my first class on Friday. I was worried that I'd be even klutzier now than I was 25 years ago when I took tap briefly, but I don't think I'm any worse. I am definitely not cute or elegant but there were moments where my body sort of clicked into gear on its own and I was tapping in time. What a thrill.

There were other times where my body was definitely not clicking, where my eyes, brain and feet were not at all in synch. So, I said to myself "How does a Lazy Woman tap?" And, I let it go! I let go the expectation and just moved and watched the people on the tape, and let it go, and eventually it clicked in.

I really think that the majority of my unhappy or frustrated moments are the result of my expectations crashing into reality. I need to let them slip and slide into each other, like I was accidentally doing today...slipping, sliding, nearly falling as I stumbled into relaxing into the tap, tap, tap of it all.

I think my brain is happy today too. It's like when I take Lucy and Tallulah for a walk in a new neighborhood, and they are excited by all the new smells, sounds, people and dogs...they are electrified. I feel like my brain had a little adventure today.

This is part of a recipe for Aging the Lazy the brain and body a new little electric jolt every now and again.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Lazy Travels are so Lucious

My heart is so full of love right now. My two dogs Lucy and Tallulah are snuggled up next to me in bed as I write this. I was away for 10 days but they haven't punished me for abandoning them, thank god! They did great. I am so thankful because I had a great time and thought of them a lot, feeling guilty.

My trip was filled with love. I arrived in London and went directly to breakfast with dear old friends who were synchronistically in London. I saw an old friend of a friend, who I've met a few times over the years, and we both talked about how much we adore our friend. I fell in love with London and then I got to fall in love in with Morocco. What a delicious country. I ate the most amazing food, saw the most exquisite sites, learned so much, and most importantly, I spent the most scrumptious time with my fairy goddaughters who are so precious to me. They literally make my heart jump out of my heart when I see them, and they literally can do no wrong in my presence. They are brilliant, hilarious and lovely inside and out.

My soul is filled up, as it always is with travel, but travel that is laced with love in all its many forms is just as nourishing as vitamins.

I am also inspired. In London I saw the play "Billy Elliot" and on the flight home I got to see the film. I loved them both and am now going to rekindle my old love of tap dancing. I have been wanting to do dance of some sort for a long time and now I'm going to do it. I think it's good for the heart, soul and body, and I'm excited to start.

Life is good. Lazy and good.