Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy 70th Birthday Judie O'Neill!!!!!

This is Judie blowing out her birthday candle yesterday which was her actual birthday commemorating what looks like her DE-aging!  She looks literally fantastic amazing oh my god so beautiful!

And, recently in honor of this new decade beginning, she started a wonderful blog.  YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT!!!! 

Click her to go to Judie's blog STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

You will see when you do that this is beginning of a truly great adventure -- and she will be doing it in consummate Lazy Woman fashion!!! 


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Unbelievably Lazy + Delicious Hot Fudge Sauce

It happened again.  I found the best recipe by googling "best hot fudge sauce ever"!

Seriously easy.  Hauntingly delicious.  You will not be able to get the memory of the flavor out of your brain.  Yes, it's that good.

Do you see how it hardens just a little bit on the ice cream?  Not too much, just the right amount of ice cream hugging goin' on.

This would make awesome Christmas presents.  Put in pretty jars with a bow.  My friends will very likely be getting this next year...if they are lucky, if they are very, very lucky!

The recipe: Best Hot Fudge Sauce EVER!

Buon Chocappetito!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Lazy Beauty Tip: Solve Eczema + Perioral Dermatitis NOW!

For over 10 years I have waged an on-and-off battle with perioral dermatitis.  In the last year it's been a bloody war.  Most of 2013 you would find my skin very red and clearly inflamed around my nose and mouth.  It even ventured up to around my eyes.  I didn't want to see people, and definitely didn't want to be in front of groups of people doing presentations as I often.  I would see people staring at it and then start itching their own skin.  So, not only did I feel unattractive but I was making people itch!

This is a common condition for perimenopausal women, solved mostly by Western drugs that have their own side effects.  I have also tried every homeopathic, herbal remedy known to man.  Nothing worked more than for a short respite from extreme irritation.   Younger people can get it as a result of sodium lauryl sulfates or other allergies.  This was not my case, even though I did eliminate all known causes and allergens.

A few friends quoted Louise Hay's "You Can Heal Your Life" book which is a personal favorite of my own, telling me I must be like all skin irritations: you are angry.  I searched and searched for any unrecognized deep-seated anger and didn't find anything.  Not that I'm not ever angry, or that I don't have recurring anger, but none of it is hidden or gravely under-expressed.

When perimenopausal women get it, they can also watch the fluctuations from bad to worse as their hormones shift like moving targets.   After investigating every avenue and knowing my hormones were not going to completely stabilize anytime soon, I thought I was doomed to endless years of bad skin.  This, I thought, was my just reward for having had an acne-free puberty.

Well, my genius accupuncturist, Marsha Connor, O.D., was not going to ever give up this fight.   Just over two weeks ago  I was in her office bemoaning the fact that I felt like it was unsolvable.  We had tried it all.  she gave me a sample she had received from Kamwo Dermcare.  It is meant to treat eczema, but because perioral dermatitis shares similar causes (in Chinese medicine, damp heat) she thought it might work, and that it was fortuitous that a sample had arrived and that I was the perfect patient to test it. 

I put it on immediately in her office and instantly felt relief.  This had happened before.  It feels good, but the relief is fleeting and it never goes away completely.  But by the following day I knew this was different.  Slowly over the course of these two weeks it has retreated, day by day.  Today my skin is almost completely perfect.  In one or two more days it will be perfect.  It's nothing short of a miracle after what felt like an endless battle.

I have a friend who has had chronic eczema.  Again, nothing has helped her solve it long term.  I called her a week into using Kamwo, when I could see there was no question I was going to be completely healed.  I sent her a photograph of my face and she was blown away.  She bought it immediately and only a few days into her treatment she already sees a dramatic difference.  She too is seeing the remarkable day-by-day retreat of symptoms, like the eczema army is laying down its swords.

So, if you know anyone plagued by perioral dermatitis or eczema (or acne as they also have a remedy for that, which would at least be worth a shot, and likely a very hopeful one) have them go to the Kamwo site:  The remedies are so inexpensive too - $15.95 for a large jar (likely a several months' supply).

Here's to LAZY solutions to the problems we think will never end.  Let this be the year that you bump into lazy solutions to chronic issues with grace and ease!

Monday, January 06, 2014