Sunday, February 02, 2014

Cruciferous Deliciousness -- New Goodies from Trader Joe's!

There are some very exciting new items at Trader Joe's.  I just yesterday discovered the Cruciferous Crunch Collection, have been delighting in the ease of the quinoa (which I am trying to increase in my diet, so this really helps!) and the shaved Manchego which I have had for a while.  I'm used to eating Manchego with bread or crackers or olives. It's one of my favorite cheeses.  But, it is very subtle for salads.  I hadn't found the right salad use for it yet, but today I invented one that really hit all the marks for flavor, but also is incredibly healthy.

Ingredients to Taste
Cruciferous Crunch
Balsamic Vinegar (for a little sweetness)
Red Wine Vinegar
Olive Oil
Maldon Salt (for another crunch)
I had avocados and dried cranberries, etc. which I had thought it might need to balance out all that cruciferocity but this salad has the perfect amount of bitter, savory, tart, sweet and crunch without them.  It was delicious and I have to say very energizing.  I was having a major energy crash due to having eaten too little after a good cross-training workout.  Solved.  There is nothing better than being ENERGIZED by a meal that tastes unbelievably good.
Buon Healthy Appetito!