Monday, June 01, 2009

Learning to Love - The Lazy Way

I had the most delightful day today. I wrote an article for Pasadena Magazine about Jacob Maarse and his wife Clara. Jacob and Clara started one of the most successful florists in Southern California in the early 70's in Pasadena, Jacob Maarse Florists. Jacob hailed from the tulip capitol of the world, Alsmeer, Holland, and Clara from Iran. And, they have been in love since they met over 50 years ago.

I met them at their house this morning for the photo shoot for the article, which is essentially a tale of their long and lovely union as well as their mutual passion for roses. They have 3500 rose plants on their property. It's pretty stunning to behold.

But, more stunning is their love which seems as fresh and new as a young couple's. They were so adorable during the photo shoot, making each other giggle. The photographer said "I just have to fix the shadow on Mrs. Maarse's face" and Jacob turned to Clara and said "Your face is just as lovely as it always is..."

That kind of love is what I have been searching for all my 47 years, and the love that I have finally found. I really hope that after many years together, we can find each other as wondrous as we do now, and are as delighted by each other as the Maarses are.

Yesterday I was having a long chat with an old high school friend, Stephen, about my new love. Stephen had only weeks before I met my love told me "Don't worry, he's coming. He's just around the corner." So, I give huge credit to Stephen for opening my heart up a little more to the possibility, and for leading me by a cosmic rope out of the dark cave I was in where it seemed impossible to find my love. He said "You are reminding me of a quote I just came upon and wrote in my journal just two weeks ago .... 'The greatest thing you will ever learn is to love, and to be loved in return.'"

I had never contemplated the concept of learning to love. My learning is centered largely in the arena of trust and surrender. These are two things that haven't come easily for me. But, I am delighting in surrendering anew and flexing my trust muscles. Sometimes it's scary, but I'm learning. I'm learning and I'm loving the learning.

Boy am I one blessed Lazy Woman.

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