Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Starting the New Year with Power -- with a Jet Pack on Your Back!

My New Year's Eve was a smashing fun frolicking time.  But, there was impact on my January 1, i.e., I had no energy to do anything but slowly, over the course of the day, clean up the debris! LOL! 

Yesterday was about cleaning out the garage, the last task for vacation.  It was a huge success and it truly energized my new year.  I'd been working on getting things in better form and order for the last two weeks, but that was the icing on the cake, the piece de resistance.  Getting things into integrity always, always, always, is like a jet pack on my back.

Today, I could sit down with energy and clarity to do my lists -- "Acknowledgments + Intentions."  At the party we all wrote down on paper what we wanted to let go of for 2011.  Then after the new year hit, we wrote all the things we wanted to create for 2012.  It was so cool to let things go and create anew. 

Last night, though I read Kris Carr's blog (http://crazysexylife.com/2011/2011-the-highs-lows-what-i%E2%80%99ve-got-planned-for-2012/?utm_source=iContact&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Crazy%20Sexy%20Life&utm_content=NL+123011) where she acknowledged herself for all she accomplished in 2011 and wrote the intentions after that.  So, I did the same thing for myself today and I feel like I now have a jet pack firmly attached to my back to powerfully start my year.  Letting go of things is one thing, but genuinely acknowledging yourself for how you dealt with those same items perhaps -- and more -- is a really good thing to do.  We all deserve credit for something we did last year for ourselves, for someone else, in response or reaction to something, etc. 

I encourage you to write your lists.   Give yourself some kudos.  Maybe some of the things you wish you'd handled better can be intentions for this year.  For instance, 2011 seemed to be fraught with horrible dealings with Customer Service people.  Some I couldn't understand, some couldn't understand me, some just didn't want to help.  All in all, there was frustration on both ends, or just on my end.  I wish I had dealt with all of those better, and I intend to do so this year.

I also lost weight and gained some back when I got sick for 4 months.  So, I'll be losing that.  I'll also be meditating every day -- even when I travel, and don't have my meditation couch with me! LOL!

Get out your jet packs, everyone.  Let's vroom vroom vroom into 2012!

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