Sunday, March 04, 2012

Rumi Speaks to Procrastinators

Lately, I have been craving Rumi, reading it voraciously.  I got a new book yesterday "The Book of Love" (translated by Coleman Barks, of course) and I finally got to open it today.  

It's always perfect when things arrive.  In the last few days I have spoken to not one, not two, but three people who have worn their procrastination proudly. We have a section in "The Lazy Woman's Guide to Just About Everything" about Procrastination and definitely are proponents of using it as a tool, unless it causes more stress, which in many cases it will.

When I hear people bragging about procrastinating, it's always a bit of a funny thing, as they often betray themselves, and accidentally admit the pain it causes them.  We all procrastinate at one point or another.

I just procrastinated on my taxes more than I ever have.  I always get it all handled by the beginning of February.  I just got my stuff together last night for my "Tax Lady."  So, I have a very recent experience with it, which did, indeed, cause me a bit more stress by putting it off.  

Monday through Friday, I get on a call that my friend, Mel Austin, invented, a "Power Call" where several of us say a few things that we want to accomplish that day in three or four areas of our life.  Sometimes it's 11 p.m. and I have to pull all three things out of my ass!  I have to say when I realized I haven't done even one of them and I've just gotten out of a hot bath and I'm ready to lay my weary body down to rest, I am pissed.  But, then when I do it, I am even more proud of myself.  I had it in me.  We usually have it in us.  We just don't request it.  "Dear Me, do you think we could pull this one last big effort out of this day?" And, I respond, "Well yes, thanks for asking so politely!"  LOL!

Well, Rumi says it so much more sweetly ... Here is one stanza of "The Polisher":

I swear by the one who never says tomorrow,
as the circle of the moon refuses to sell
installments of light.  It gives all it has.

So, there is the key:  imagine you are the Moon, or the Sun...imagine that undying energy. We have so much more than we think.  The Moon and Son simply don't question what they have.  They just are.  We can just be...our most powerful selves.

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