Sunday, October 12, 2014

Creamy Cauliflower Pasta -- If You Are Thinking of Giving a F#ck About Your Diet!

I was at the gym the other day when Rachael Ray was on. I never see her show, but glad I saw it this day because the authors of the Thug Kitchen cookbook were on.   I particularly love them because they swear a lot.  The delicious subtitle of their book is "Eat Like You Give a F#ck."  Good times.

So, I tried this.  It is insanely creamy, but has a good lemony fresh bite to it.  Warning: I doubled the recipe, but wouldn't recommend using 6 cloves of garlic if you double it.  Still it's a groovy recipe and if you want to check out.  And, there are plenty of yummy gluten free pastas to use if you want to do the gluten free/vegan thing. 

Here's the recipe:

Buon Vegappetito!

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