Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It's Trader Joe's Tuesday -- Green Tea Madness

We just had dinner at an amazing restaurant tonight -- Equator in Old Town Pasadena. I have to say every bit of the meal was an inspired and delicious Asian Fusion delight... I could write about every divine flavor we experienced but I want to focus on the green tea and what it has to do with Trader Joe's.

They made a green tea cheesecake and it was resting in a little green sea of green tea yogurt and strawberry slices. It reminded me of my addiction a couple years ago to the green tea yogurt at Trader Joe's so I will now be reassuming that culinary habit and I will be slicing strawberries into it because it's so fricking beautiful and tasty!

And, the next thing I'll be trying is Green Tea Mochi in a strawberry puree. These days you can make a strawberry puree so easily because you just throw the berries in a blender and barely have to add any sugar -- if any -- to make a nice puree. Can you imagine how lovely that would look with the one whole strawberry atop the mochi ball?

I'm telling you I didn't know until today that green tea was meant to be wed to strawberries. I am happy to hear about their lovely romance...and that Trader Joe's can support this culinary bliss in many ways.

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