Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trader Joe's Tuesday -- Birthday Cakes

I am trying to figure out something slightly more culinarily tragic than finding a Trader Joe's item that is actually equally as good as an item that takes me hours to make from scratch. The only reason why I love making the cake from scratch is that it is so profoundly delicious that it's better than anything I've ordered in a restaurant --- and leagues beyond anything bought in a store.

But, I have to admit that the Chocolate Ganache Cake at Trader Joe's is super-scrumptious. You can taste the butter -- in the good way, not the bad way -- in both the cake and the frosting. And, it is so moist.

So, if you just found out it's someone's birthday and you want to deliver a wonderful little cake, pick one up.

Little Secret: I took it out of its box, put it on a beautiful plate, put strawberries all around it, a few on top, with a couple sprigs of lavender from the garden and EVERYONE thought it WAS homemade! That took less than three minutes, as opposed to a couple of hours!

Now, that's Lazy! We love our Trader Joe's, eh?

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