Saturday, September 03, 2011

Lazy Summer Ice Cream Recipe

Usually when I make ice cream I do it the old fashioned way, making a custard base on the stove, etc.  But, I found a most miraculous recipe that really tastes almost exactly like ice creams that you slave over with very little effort at all. 

And, guess, what, when I did my one stop shopping at Trader Joe's, I found that the strawberries were not up to snuff for making ice cream the same day (yesterday), so I mozied over to the frozen fruit section and got a bag of frozen strawberries because I knew those would be very ripe, and heck they were going to be frozen in the end again anyway, right? 

Here's the recipe:  I made this very easy recipe even lazier -- use frozen strawberries.  I just used a pastry cutter to chop them all up in a bowl, instead of cleaning, hulling and chopping fresh ones! 

The other two variations I made were at the end of the freezing process I added probablhy 1/4 cup of Cointreau....and the piece de resistance....I took a normal grater, i.e., large holes, like if you were grating a big hunk of cheddar cheese, and grated a 3 oz. bar of deep dark chocolate.  I added the shavings of the entire bar into the ice cream for the last couple of minutes in the ice cream maker.

If you grew up in Southern California you may remember Thrifty's Ice Cream.  They actually still make it and you can buy it at most Rite Aid stores.  Rite Aid took over the Thrifty's chain, but the ice cream is made in same factories apparently with all the same recipes.  They make my favorite mint chip ice crea because the chocolate chips are more like thin shavings and they are very dark chocolate. 

I was inspired to mimic those shavings, so that every bite of the creamy strawberry ice cream had a dark chocolate edge to it.  My guests say I succeeded!


  1. With summer in full swing, I noticed some ice cream and sorbet recipes flourish on the web interesting.

  2. Hey there tiggerish! Nice one I think you did really succeed in making it. Although I'm not a fan of strawberries, I love Ice creams. Can you post how to make those chocolates you added?

  3. Nothing beats a couple of balls of fat your favorite ice cream on a lazy summer evening. I can not think of a more perfect way to end the day.