Monday, September 12, 2011

Lazily Dealing with Loss

I didn't expect 9/11 to hit me so hard.  It feels like NPR and the news shows were running stories for weeks.  Trickling tears leading up to the floodgates. 

9/11 was also the six month mark since my break-up, a kind of marker that I had been looking forward to so that I could take my dating temperature.  Synchronistically I had one of my first dates the day before, almost like God said "See, you're doin' good!"  I am doing better than good, I think, fully healing mind, body and spirit after a tough relationship ending.  I feel more whole and ready for a whole and healthy man. 

Yet, this little anniversary marker of a loss, an ending was also poignant and touched my heart.  It's never so easy as just one loss.  One loss drips into your heart and touches off the river of another loss that runs even deeper, and so on, and so on. 

I have many people around me dealing with loss right now, and their losses are touching off my own.  I wrote about a couple of losses that are perhaps once removed from my life, but still touched many people deeply.  Here are the links to The Morton Report stories of two extraordinary men, one bravely battling brain cancer, the other recently taken shockingly without notice:

These two men are bright shining stars...forever.  The thousands we lost on 9/11, more shining stars forever. 

A friend posted this on Facebook yesterday in honor of 9/11 and I think it is worth reposting here:

"There are stars whose light only reaches the earth long after they have fallen apart. There are people whose remembrance gives light in this world, long after they have passed away. This light shines in our darkest nights on the road we must follow." - The Talmud

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