Monday, October 01, 2012

Lazy Game On!

Game on.  Game is irrevocably on.  I have gained back just about all the weight I lost in at the beginning of 2011.  Due to glorious Bar Method, it's all a lot tighter than it was before.  Thanks to my mom, I've worked out since I was a teenager and have always been fit, but Bar really did shape, strengthen and tighten in the laziest of ways.  One hour, extremely efficient workout.  But, due to a persistent hamstring injury, I'm taking Bar "time out."   Working out hard in many different other ways now, but it's gonna take more than workouts to get off the weight gained due to persistent illness over the last year and a half.

So, the game is on to get the weight off, off, off.  

As of yesterday, I am back on track with Weight Watchers.   It is the laziest way for me to lose weight -- less stress, more joy -- because I don't have to think about it much, figure much out, or give up anything.  I had a half cup of Almond Dream Ice Cream with my favorite TJ Dark Chocolate Crisps, plus a tablespoon of toasted almonds this afternoon to beat the 110 degree heat, and I was in heaven for only 6 Weight Watchers points....which is a big yummy deal!

This game doesn't have to be hard.  This game doesn't have to kick my ass.  This game can be delicious and fun.  And, it's on.

The news of the day is this game has to be on FOREVER.  When I don't feel well -- especially when energy-less or pain-full -- I don't pay as much attention to exactly what is going into my mouth.   My body craves things it "thinks" will help it feel better, and I don't play the adult in this relationship.  I let it have what it wants.  Illness can rip down our guards.  Physical, emotional discomfort can take me out of my game.  I've got a pretty good handle on emotional eating (thank you Marianne Williamson), but this illness kicked my physical wellness butt for 18 months. 

What I learned:  I can't EVER stop playing the game.   So, today, October 1, 2012, I am committing to these three game pieces, rules and regulations:

1.  Reach my goal weight by the end of the year, and STICK IT!
2.  Weigh myself once a week no matter what.  Forever.
3.  If ever go 5 pounds over goal weight, have to start tracking all food until back to goal.  Forever.

Game pieces in place.  Rules understood.  Referees in place on the sidelines.  My goal weighted body in place waiting to be uncovered with sculpting and tracking. 

Ready, set .... PLAY! 

I got this game.  I got it.


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