Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Calling All Kick Ass Chicks

I had the exquisite pleasure of attending the Sister Giant Conference this weekend.  (sistergiant.com)  Marianne Williamson invited a most divine bouquet of talent to help shed light on one of America's biggest problems right now:  We simply do not have enough women in politics.

We have all been celebrating our newfound 20 percentedness in Congress.  But, damn, it's a far cry from the 50% it should be -- that we NEED it to be.

Most of us have an enormous deep-seated distrust and dislike of the political machine.  My mantra has always been:  Mothers, teachers, nurses, politicians -- I don't know how they do service at that level. 

I don't think anyone throws their hat into the political arena without being slightly insane because we all know the level of self-protection and preservation required to even withstand a campaign, let alone actively serve angry constituents.

Women especially always say "I could never do that."   Marianne understood.  We all feel too vulnerable to put ourselves in such a position.  She said we have a cellular memory of being burned at the stake for our beliefs.  No matter what your belief system, though, you can very likely relate to the profound fear of the political engine running you over alive.

Yet, Marianne inspired us all for two solid days with endless brilliant women who have ventured into politics, or support those who have.  She made it seem shockingly do-able, but more important, she stripped it to its core:  we NEED women.

We need women to fight for our hungry children.  Millions of children go to bed hungry, go to school hungry, and rely on having one meal a day at school.

We need women to fight against one of the largest profit-making centers in America: prisons.  People:  they are now building prisons based on third grade test scores. 

We need women to fight for our environment.

Marianne told the story about how female hyenas protect their young.  When the babies are eating, the females circle them, protecting them from the adult males who try to take their food away.

Her call to action:  Can we not at least be as powerful as hyenas in protecting our young?

Therefore, my request:  If you know of a woman who should run for office, tell me, so I can spread the word.  Let all your women friends know that that woman needs their support.  Ask people for money, time and effort on that woman's behalf.

We can change this broken world -- one woman at a time.

If you need inspiration, pick up Marianne's book, "Healing the Soul of America."

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