Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lazy Aging and Healing Elixir

I was just pondering how my dad turned me onto Castor Oil many years ago when I was battling pneumonia.  He told me to make a castor oil pack by putting the oil on a clean soft cloth, lay it on my chest, cover it with plastic wrap and apply heat (heating pad).  It absolutely sped up the clearing of my lungs.  I hadn't thought of this remedy for years, and have missed many opportunities to share this tip with others battling pneumonia, including giving it back to my dad, who battled many lung issues which often led to his lungs filling up. 
Last year when dealing with perimenopausal hormone dumps which caused me to have the very typical side effect of a toxic liver (symptom: itchy skin, angry, low energy), I used the trick and within two days I was better. 
Recently I had taped an episode of Dr. Oz for some reason and within it was a tip from a woman who had successfully used Castor Oil on her face to reduce wrinkles.  I don't have a huge wrinkle issue yet, but I do have the normal wrinkle lines on my forehead and around my mouth.  These lines are greatly reduced after just three weeks.  I wish I had done before/after shots.  They did them on Dr. Oz.  My results are just like hers: visibly reduced lines. 
I had remembered hearing about what a magical remedy it is for the hair so, as I write, I am "stewing" my hair, having rubbed about a tablespoon through it.  We'll see.  Writing about Castor Oil inspired me to try it even though putting oil INTO my hair feels counter-intuitive!
I also have a big scratch on my arm from a run in with a rose bush while gardening yesterday.  I found out that it's good for wounds too, so I tried it.  The raised/swollen skin is down and it is far less red within just an hour (perhaps less, I only just now looked).
My torn knee ligament needs ice right now but as soon as I can move to heat i'll be putting a castor oil pack on it.   Castor oil reduces inflammation and draws out toxins.  We've all got one of those, eh?
How can any of it hurt?  And, with visible results across the board, it's hard to say no to Castor Oil.
Google it.  Try it.  Once you have just one result you'll start believing.  It's inexpensive and unbelievably easy.  Therefore it's a truly LAZY solution!

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