Monday, May 27, 2013

Lazy Book Writing: Super Lazy Help is Here for YOU!

I am writing my new book now Superhero of Love: Heal Your Broken Hear & Then Go Save the World.  I have a good second draft now.  It's nowhere near "cooked" but it was time to stop and write my book proposal.

The last time I wrote a book proposal was over 10 years ago.  Judie and I sent out 12 copies and got 4 offers which was pretty amazing.  After our book came out I actually did classes on how to write a book proposal and had so much fun inspiring people to really kick ass and make their great ideas into a book reality.

But I had no idea if the world of book proposals had changed so I hooked up for a brief meeting with Linda Sivertsen to check in with publishing reality.  I cannot more highly recommend Linda, aka the Book Mama, as someone who will help you nurture your book and bring you to your highest heights as a writer.  Check her -- and her amazing writing retreats -- out at

Almost everyone I meet who I tell I am writing a book (usually as an excuse as to why I can't do ANYTHING else for the next few months!) the instant retort is "I have a book I'm going to write."  Most people have a book in them, some have one busting to be born. Wherever you are with the book inside you, I urge you to get Linda and Danielle LaPorte's Your Big Beautiful Book Plan.  

 I have just spent the better part of the last two days with my YBBBP and it has been a blast.  As I always said in my courses, when you write your book proposal, you will learn things about the book you are writing. It's like the baby gestating in your womb grows more and more into the genius form that will be birthed...toes forming, brain maturing, baby ears popping.

As always, my book will be better because of this proposal.  You need the proposal no matter what to go to publishers and agents.  And, it doesn't hurt to do a draft no matter where you are -- even if your book baby is just a mere idea.  YBBBP makes it really fun to explore all the possibilities of all that your book can be.

Click here to check out Your Big Beautiful Book Plan -- I promise it is a LAZY lifesaver for book authors!:


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