Saturday, July 06, 2013

Summer Time = PIE TIME!

Blackberries and peaches, oh my! I love trying new recipes and found this Bobby Flay gem yesterday and had to try it.  I used to make Blackberry Peach pies professionally -- long ago, in my 20's -- with my own recipe including lemon juice, fresh nutmeg and just a little flour as a thickener. Simple deliciousness.
But, I have to say this was my favorite Blackberry Peach Pie possibly ever.  More complex flavors and stellar crust.  I never use shortening because shortening just plain ol' freaks me out and is so unhealthy, but it truly does make the best crust.  Because this was mostly butter, I braved it.   Great result even in the areas where I overmanipulated, i.e., the fluting.
The only thing I would say is that I drained the fruit, using a slotted spoon as directed and did NOT add any extra juices, as he directs, because I knew it would be too much. Next time I make it I will definitely add more tapioca because it was still a little too juicy.  Not bad in any way, shape or form, but a little more tapioca would have made the filling texture absolute perfection.
Flay soaks the berries in one liqueur - Cassis, and the peaches in another - Peach Eau de Vie (you can use brandy instead - I used Peach Schnapps because I happened to have from another recipe long ago).  And, those flavors really come through.  Lovely.
Here are the pics - pre and post - baking. 
And, yes pies are pretty lazy.  Not a huge amount of effort for a big bang effect.
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