Sunday, December 15, 2013

Best ____ Recipe EVER!

When I search for recipes I always google the "best [fill in the blank] recipe ever."  Usually within the first five hits, I have the magic one. 

Last week I wanted to make a warm wintry soup.  I wasn't in the mood for mushroom, and had just recently made squash soup.  But I really craved both of those ingredients actually.  So, I was delighted to find that the Best Winter Soup Ever had both of these yummy ingredients, plus kale, white northern beans and tomatoes, among other yummies.

This really is the Best Winter Soup Ever.  It hails from Alton Brown.  It isn't often anymore that a recipe gets a full 5 stars.  This one does:

And, oh my god look what I found when I was googling the recipe!  A video from none other than Brown saying that this is the BEST THING HE EVER MADE! 

Even he knows!

Buon Winter Appetito!

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