Monday, March 24, 2014

Best Hummus Ever -- Easy Peasy and Springy Green!!!


I love making hummus and am always trying new recipes, but mostly I wing it on my own.  But for my Indian dinner party on Saturday, I was looking for some creative hors d'oeuvres.  I forgot to grab a picture of mine, which was an even more lucious green than pictured here.  I served it with carrots and pita chips instead of regular pita because I love the crunch of the chips.

I doubled the recipe for 8 people but had plenty left over for two more people to have some the next day.  I didn't double the olive oil (I did 1.5) and I didn't double the peppers which leads to the only warning about this recipe.

If your guests do not like spicy food, they may not like this.  I didn't double the peppers because I had one pregnant woman coming and one person who doesn't like spicy foods in general, but it was still a little too spicy for both of them.  For the rest of us, it was perfect though!  I think it would have been too overpowering if I had doubled the peppers though. It would have definitely overwhelmed the delicate sesame flavor.

Also, in the video below Manjula adds water when it was a little dry.  I added more lemon juice which I highly recommend. 

Finally, this is the first hummus I think I have made without Tahini.  You put in whole toasted sesame seeds and the olive oil instead.  It's much lighter and more refreshing.

And, man oh man is this easy to throw together in a food processor -- 10 minutes all in!  And it's super healthy with all that spinach and very little oil. 

Click here for Manjula's Recipe  and to watch her make it!  Or click here for youtube video only to Watch Manjula Make the Hummus!!!


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