Thursday, March 13, 2014

LAUGHTER Comes in Very Handy When Your Ass is Being Kicked

The second time I came up from behind to pass this guy I had to take a picture of him because he won BEST MARATHON BIB!  If you can't read it, it says "ADELE NAZEEM" in honor of the Travolta Oscar epic snafu. 

I wish I had had the fortitude to take more pictures the entire way, but I was listening to music and accidentally calling and Face-timing people so I thought it best to keep my sweaty palms away from my phone as much as possible.

There was a guy running in a Gumby suit.  It looked hilarious but made me want to cry for him because it was so hot. 

But had to share this most entertaining best signs along the route by the hilarious and fun spectators:

  • Remember 4 months ago this seemed like a GREAT IDEA!
  • Don't forget:  you PAID for this!
  • I don't know you. You are a complete stranger. BUT, I know you can do it!
  • 1 out of 100 people crap their pants.  Smile if you are 1 in a 100.
  • Smile if you pee'd a little.
Thank God, the last two did not apply to me -- only I'm sure via the miracle train I was on that also had me not have a single injury or blister!

And, just for good measure, the most heart-warming moments: 
  • Little girl - 3 or 4 years old -- with her teeny tiny hand held out for us to high-five her.
  • Little girl -- 5 or 6 years old -- blowing bubbles on us.
  • Women and men alike who held my gaze toward the end and really meant it when they said "Bridget, you've got this!"
  • People standing alone just constantly applauding the runners, like it was their duty. 
  • The Taiko drummers who were doing marathon drumming with all their hearts and souls - non-stop, high energy -- with beaming smiles on their faces!  BEAMING!
So the purpose of this post:  if you ever wanted to run a marathon, do it because there is a lot of laughter out there to feed your Energizer bunny battery. 

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