Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Lazy Selfies for Your Future You

I am not big on selfies because I've had a hard enough time getting good pictures of myself that were posed.   

But this was an important selfie for me to take.  I was on vacation, laying next to the pool. It was warm so even though I had only about 10 minutes earlier gotten out of the pool, my hair was quickly drying as I enjoyed my book.  It was a perfect day.  Nearby were very dear friends also lounging, sunning, reading, quietly resting, eating, drinking, preparing to jump in the pool...It was pure bliss.  Every once in a quiet while we would break into conversation, one person would read an excerpt of their book or magazine article, or offer to get everyone food or drink.

It was one of my favorite days ever.

Moments before I took this photo I thought I would like to document myself in my supremely relaxed state.  And, while my eyes look squinched, I know it's because of the sun making its way through the umbrella above me, not due to any true tension. 

I love seeing this photo now because I remember precisely how I felt when I took it.  I remember how thick and warm the air was, how my wet hair  and swimsuit cooled me, how the cicadas sang loudly in perfect unison in the olive trees surrounding the villa, how the lounge chair was perfectly supportive yet soft, how my book lay on my lap, and in the distance I heard the tiny clinks of someone making food in the kitchen.  Every single need was met and I was surrounded by love.

So this photo is a touchstone for me.  If I find myself getting tense, losing ground, or needing an internal shift,  I can look at this photo because that moment is still inside me.  Right now.  It's still there.

All our moments are -- if we want to tap into them for extra juice in a very different moment -- well I call that a perfect Lazy Woman way to cause a shift.

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