Monday, July 28, 2014

Lazy Woman Health Tip of the Century -- Thanks to Katie Hendricks!


I went to a Hendricks Institute workshop with Katie Hendricks this weekend.  I'll be writing a HuffPo article about the UNBELIEVABLE course soon, but in the meantime had to share this life-affirming, love-generating workout tip.

I'm sure you've seen mentions on the interwebs of how studies are now showing that sitting is more harmful to our health than even cigarette smoking. 

Most of us have to sit for at least a good portion of our days in front of a computer.  Well, during our workshop Katie perched on one of the above screwy-looking stools: the ergoErgo stool (which I found conveniently located at my local Container Store, but that you can find all over on the web).   She was constantly moving - rocking, twisting, bouncing slightly even.  Her spine, joints and even abs were getting a gentle workout the entire time.

Now the Hendricks work is centered around creating "flow" in our lives and hearts, so it is no surprise that Katie would be able to eloquently speak to all of the benefits of getting our asses out of chairs.  What got me was Katie talking about having excellent energy even at the end of a long day because of the movement.  It does, people, it GIVES YOU ENERGY to rock and roll and frolic on this thing all day long! 

I got back late last night from the workshop.  But I wasted no time getting my orange (they come in black and blue also) tuffet.  I have been delightfully energized all day long, and will have no problem continuing my work even later into this night.

I can't more highly recommend getting some sort of tuffet-like perch for yourself.  Some people sit on big exercise balls.  That didn't appeal to me. I'm pretty certain I would fall.  In her office, Katie has a Swopper, which I may end up with down the line, but I wanted to try this first and see if I could deal without a back to my chair.  Didn't miss it one bit today, and I can't imagine I will in the future.  But I really dig how this looks, feels and works on me and for me.

My posture is better than it ever is in a chair, which is icing on the cake.  My abs are getting a gentle little workout, as you naturally pull them in when you rock around.  AND, for those of you chicks with tight hips and blocked sexual out!  This is a delicious little opener. 

So it's a Lazy Woman's answer to many common ills -- not to mention aging!  Greasing the joints with movement is a recipe for lazy aging.

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