Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Happy Fall! Trader Joe's Bliss Offerings

Fall isn't my favorite season. I'm a Spring chick.  Love me some Spring!  But, Trader Joe's is easing my transition into Fall with two new offerings, one of which I was recently wishing could be found in their frozen vegetable section: Roasted Corn! 

I usually dislike corn that is not fresh.  Last week I was adding corn to a salad and wishing I had had time to roast it first.  It would have been so much better.  Well, this is a phenomenal substitute for fresh grilled corn.  It has the smoky flavor, and the just perfectly cooked (i.e., not overcooked, mushy, or soggy) kernels.

And, then this vegetarian delight:  Spinach & Kale Balls.  They taste shockingly like my homemade spinach gnocchi.  They are light and delicious. 

Throw that all together with some lettuce, yellow tomato, avocado, fresh lemon, herbs and salt and you have a "Welcome to Fall, Bridget" Salad.


Buon Fall Appetito!

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