Tuesday, September 02, 2014

60's Labor Day!

The theme was 60's and I knew I had to use the peaches that were at their absolute peak of ripeness.  I thought grilling them and serving with ice cream would be most amazing for a Labor Day barbeque.   But what's 60's about that?  Maybe add Cool Whip?  Not groovy enough.

The peaches were actually in this vintage large glass perfect-for-trifle vessel that I had recently purchased.   So, a trifle it was.  I merged a couple recipes I found and did this!



6 peaches sliced
1.5 pints raspberries
1.5 pints strawberries sliced
2 packages of instant vanilla bean pudding
2 tubs of Cool Whip
Sponge Cake and/or Angel Food Cake (I used both but one or the other is great)
Raspberry Jam

Optional (and not photographed here)
Grilled half peaches
Grated chocolate

Prepare the pudding.  I added Frangelico (several tablespoons for me, but to taste for you) to cut the sweetness and add another layer of flavor. 

Set aside some of the most beautiful specimens of fruit to decorate the top of the trifle.

Spread sponge cake with a layer of raspberry jam (not necessary but one of the guests at the party had made homemade raspberry jam so I thought it would be great to add).  Lay it down as first layer.  Add layer of fruits, being careful to lay some up against the side of the glass to make it pretty (you can see I forgot to do this with the first layer of fruit -- oops!).  Then add layer of pudding.  Then Cool Whip.  Then I did a layer of angel food cake, fruit, pudding, Cool Whip.  Then repeat it all over again...until you reach the top!

Refrigerate for a few to several hours to let it all seep together.

I did add half a grilled peach to the top of everyone's serving -- again to cut the sweetness of all these ingredients. It put it over the top for me.  Then a little shaved bittersweet chocolate just to make it look a tad more adorable...and then....

Put on the Beatles and chow down!

Buon Groovissima Appetito!

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