Friday, February 19, 2010

Lazy Big Bear Getaway

If you are ever looking for the best most romantic most relaxing most refreshing most rejuvenating getaway within 2 hours of LA, I've got the ticket for you: The Inn at Fawnskinn!

Aaron needed a snowy getaway so we did a google search of something to the tune of "romantic Valentine package snow" and we found this divine B&B. The pictures on the site do not do it justice. You walk into a warm, log cabin with aromas whirling around you. You stomp the shoes off your boots, step inside and are instantly warm and cozy (but not the cozy that usually means "tiny" in ads) like it's instantly your own warm home, as if someone just wrapped you up in a soft blanket. Fresh ginger snap cookies, hot beverages or wine instantly warm the palate and tummy, and then you get to see your room.

We booked the room with the big fireplace and it was fabulous, but another room has an enormous bathtub, and each of the others also have their own cute details.

We were surprised by how much more amazing it was than the website lead us to believe, but more important, we were shocked by how wonderful the guests are. The Innkeepers are Nancy and Bill. Nancy is a gourmet cook who served a five course Valentine's feast on Saturday night, the night before Thanksgiving. We all sat around the big long table and laughed so hard and so constantly that it was hard for us to tear ourselves away from the table.

And, even though were were all couples on romantic retreats, we all chose to have dinner together again the following night at a restaurant! How unbelievable is that? This place just draws the most wonderful people.

Usually when I go away for a three day weekend I am wishing for more time and don't ever feel relaxed by Monday night but I felt truly rejuvenated by the weekend when we returned. It was the most nurturing environment on every level. And, Nancy and Bill ordered the snow to stop a couple of days prior to our arrival, so the roads were clear but it was the perfect amount of snow and the perfect amount of cold to make super cool snowmen.

So, if you ever need a Lazy Womantic Getaway, check out the Inn at Fawnskin. No, I don't get anything for writing this, I just want to share this gem that is just across the lake from the busy Big Bear village where most of the B&Bs are, and not too much further than Arrowhead. This is definitely the best place to stay in the region, I promise, and I wish someone had mentioned it to me because we actually looked at tons of listings in Big Bear and Arrowhead before we found this jewel.

Lazily Yours,
Post Valentine Lovingly Yours,

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