Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trader Joe's Tuesday -- Comfort Dessert for Less

When I crave comfort food desserts, I crave ice cream or frozen yogurt. I don't allow myself ice cream more than a few times a year, and when I get frozen yogurt I tend to eat too much. So, how does Trader Joe's help me solve my quest for Cold Comfort Dessert ...for less calories?

Three simple ingredients:

Vanilla Non-Fat Yogurt
Toasted Slivered Almonds

I always have a Ziploc bag bull of bananas cut in thirds or halves because I like to start my day with a fruit smoothie. But, the very cool thing about frozen bananas is that they slice up nice and thin if you have a good sharp knife. So, I slice up the bananas and mix it in with the non-fat vanilla frozen yogurt and then sprinkle on some toasted almonds. The textures are all so great together -- creamy, icy, crunchy -- all my favorite elements to a cold comfort dessert.

Also, one personal taste bud issue for me is that I prefer bananas that have just barely turned yellow, so they are just ever so slightly tart, and definitely prevent this dessert (and smoothies for that matter) from being too overly sweet.

So....enjoy and don't feel guilty!

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