Monday, February 22, 2010

Trader Joe's Tuesday -- A Day Early!

Our magical recent B&B experience yielded one long-lasting beautiful thing: a new recipe! The main course for everyone but me (the pescatarian) was Boeuf Bourguignon. And, when we arrived at the Inn, the Innkeeper/Gourmet Cook was sauteeing the mushrooms and oh my god the aromas only got better and better as the hours passed. And, boy was I jealous.

So the first thing I did when I got home was look for a vegetarian version. I googled Mushrooms Bourguignon and found the best recipe! I've now made it TWICE in two weeks!

And, now that Trader Joe's has Tomato Paste (which they didn't have until recently) you can get ALL the ingredients -- except one, pearl onions -- at TJs.

The recipe (check out the link) is seriously delicious and the pictures are absolutely accurate! I did a combo of Portobello and regular white button mushrooms. And, the red wine I used was the same red wine I served it with -- it is the best full-bodied wine (which the recipe specifically calls for) that is unbelievably cheap which is why I bought it specifically for cooking. Then I tasted it before I added it to the recipe, and yippppeeee, a new, delicious upgrade from Two Buck Chuck has been born: CHARIOT Gypsy at $4.99!

In honor of Julia Child who --- if she had been a vegetarian -- would have loved this recipe!

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