Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Trader Joe's Tuesday - Losing Weight With the Help of Our Hero TJ

I knew I'd been gaining weight but I didn't really want to look at it until this weekend, when I finally weighed myself after about a year of burying my head in the sand. So, now I know what is so, and that I'm going to lose 15 pounds.

The first thing I realized is that one key to me losing and maintaining my weight is drinking tons of water. I seem to need more than most people. The ideal amount of water for me each day is more than most people need: two liters. So, the first thing I did was buy the big one liter bottles of water that have electrolytes. I love the size, and it's really delicious water!!!!

The second thing I started doing was what always works for me which is eating small meals. These are some of my favorite Trader Joe's 200-calorie - or under -- yummy snacks that all have a little crunch and/or comfort food element to them:

  • Non Fat Vanilla Yogurt with one tablespoon of Unsalted Dry Toasted Slivered Almonds = 175 calories
  • Large Apple sliced and dipped in one tablespoon of Almond Butter = roughly 200 calories
  • One half of a Pita bread toasted with one ounce of cheese added inside = roughly 150 calories
  • One slice of Ezekiel Rye toast with two tablespoons of one of the wonderful Goat Cheeses spread on it -- I like the herbed and peppery versions = roughly 160 calories
  • One ounce of Whole Dry Roasted Almonds -- about 22 whole almonds = roughly 170 calories

Buon Appetito without the worry-o!

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