Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Dating A House

My very smart friend, Kathy, has been a great guide for me through the rocky, slippery, muddy, dusty landscape of the hills and valleys of my recent break-up.  She yanked me out of cavernous dark and humid depths on the days that I found out about yet another betrayal and was saying "How could I not have seen that?"   She pulled me up to the tops of insurmountable mountaintops and would proclaim, as if planting a homesteader flag in my heart: "You deserve better!"  

Thanks God for good, honest, down to earth friends!

Currently, Kathy is leading me through the hills and valleys of yet another landscape: finding a house.  I found out a couple weeks ago that I need to move in the next couple of months because my landlords are going to renovate this rental house and move into it themselves.  So, I'm running around Planet Los Angeles trying to find a quick sale or a good rental house.   The best of houses on the market for sale are short sales, which are not appropriate becuase the time it takes to complete a purchase of a short sale is anything but short and cannot be done in time.  Rentals, unfortunately, are hideously overpriced (more than mortgages if they are decent). 

So, I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off searching for a decent house to rent or buy.  When I found out today I lost a house that I adored -- as most first time buyers do -- I was devestated. 

Kathy reminded me:  It's like finding the right guy, you got a date a lot o' losers until the right one comes.  And, sometimes you think he's the right one, and you find out that indeed there is a far better one, which is a much better fit, just around the corner.

So, for the moment, while my soul readies itself for men again, I am dating houses.

I hope these houses don't lie like my last boyfriend.  I hope the one I find truly is "what you see is what you get, no sneaky hidden termites, nothing swept under the foundation, just plain and simple: Honesty, Integrity, Light, Happy House.

I'll dress up nice and purdy to see if I can catch me one o' dem good houses.

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  1. And just wait because when you find the house you love and buy it....just like with a man, the things you loved at first will also be the things that eventually drive you crazy about it. But in a good way-haha.

    You must not settle, you must love your house because you will spend huge amounts of money and give up other fun things to fix it up to your liking. It will surprise you with broken sprinklers, plumbing,etc. but it will keep you warm and cozy on cool nights and you can dance around inside and know it's yours, all yours.