Monday, July 11, 2011

WWgasm = Wearing Goal Dress!

I finally had an excuse to wear my "goal dress."  I bought this Size 4 Trina Turk dress at Nordstrom Rack in January.  It now fits perfectly, and even though I'm still losing weight, it will fit even when I get to my goal, so I'm very happy.

This was the premiere of my friend's movie, which I will actually be posting a link about later today.

In the photo I'm with friend Elisa B., who has the most amazing dress store in Pasadena -- Elisa B.!  Must go if you are ever looking for a hot dress, outfit, jeans, or jewelry in Los Angeles.  We are with our "line friends" Bob and Frank.  We met them in line and it turns out they know the director, my writing partner, as well.   Now they are our friends too!

Magic, magic, magic.

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  1. Awesome all around. The dress looks great on you.