Tuesday, November 01, 2011

When You Have Your Health....

All those adages about how lucky we are when we have your health, always knew they were true, but this last year was the absolute proof.  I have been sick for just over a year, with the last four months being nearly intolerable, and boy was it a difficult journey. 

Last week, though, I finally found a doctor who prescribed the right medicine!  I was trying homeopathy, naturopathy for 8 months and then it go so much worse I sought out Western medicine.  Four doctors later, and I am finally taking the right meds!  Hallelujah.   I feel like I am born again!  It's a whole new world having my health back. I'm not even at 100% yet, and I'm so blissed out.

I have always had deep compassion for people dealing with long-term pain or illness because I have had brief experiences in my life with both and I know how intolerable even a month or two month long flirtation with either can put a dent in your life force.  Fighting pain or illness takes it all out of you, leaving little bandwidth for things like creativity, love, giving, and expressing all that you want to express in your life.

I look back at the last year and I can report that my productivity and creativity have been gravely affected.  Projects that were born but never grew to fruition, dinner parties cancelled, parties missed, relationships waning as I couldn't give them proper attention, and even, in the last couple of months, lost hope of ever being well.

One day I was speaking to a doctor on the phone and he said "We will figure this out."  As he spoke those words I watched a hummingbird poise itself right outside my office window at the bottle brush only feet away from where I sat.  I dared to have hope when I saw that sign.  My heart lifted for a moment, and then my mind said "why hope?" and then my heart won and I held onto that hope, clinging to it like a vine Tarzan would grab to cross the jungle.  It was the next day that I met the doctor who would prescribe me the winning solution. 

I am blessed. I was blessed when I was sick and I am blessed now that I have my health again.  I feel prarticularly blessed to have the energy to express myself.  I will write more here, and give back a whole lot more than I have been, and live, live, live....with extreme gratitude.


  1. I had a violent and persistant case of vertigo for 7 weeks last year. I can relate to the feeling of wondering if you'll ever be well. I totally understand how easily the rest of your life can slide away.

    Terribly sorry to hear you've not been well but ever so glad that you've found something to help you get on the mend.

    Take good care of yourself. Looking forward to seeing more posts from you. :)

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