Saturday, November 26, 2011

June Cleaver is a Lazy Woman!

I had a very un-lazy day on Wednesday, when my washing machine caused a huge flood, and ensuing six hour clean-up.  But, I had a very lazy Black Friday when I walked into a brand new electronics store, famous here in Southern California for having good deals.  Recommended by a friend, I went over there after searching for the best deals online, stopping at Sears.  I walked in and there was hardly anyone there because it's a brand new location for the chain.  I was helped immediately, and realized I could actually have my dream washer and dryer. 

I did my first load of laundry in it today and I may just sleep outside with it tonight, I love it so!  It's gorgeous and so efficient and my clothes haven't been this clean in year.  I think I should apologize to anyone I even brushed by in the last two years because I realized my clothes haven't really been clean for that long. 

I was so excited by my new appliances, I cleaned out the utility room where the washer/dryer are, then went to the garage, cleaned and organized even more, and brought in all the Christmas decorations.

And, then, what did June Cleaver still have energy to do?  Bake a birthday cake for my friend's 92 year old mom who is in the hospital recovering from a hip operation.  I googled "Best Chocolate Layer Cake Ever" and found this well-reviewed recipe.  It truly is fantastic.

The only change I made was to cut the sugar in the frosting by 1.5 cups -- so 4.5 cups instead of 6.  I also chopped up about 10 Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Crisps and put them on top of the frosting between the layers to add some very dark chocolate and for some extra texture. 

I got to taste it because I had enough batter to make extra cupcakes.  Yummalicious!

Buon Lazy Chocolate Appetito!


  1. That cake looks spectacular!!!

  2. Then you must be a communist who looks to manipulate lazy poor ... who want to force women back into the June Cleaver model of complete.