Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Trader Joe's Tuesday - Wonderful Watermelon

My Lazy Woman's late Tuesday night (technically Wednesday morning) but I just got home from New Orleans and wanted to share what I learned on the airplane from one of the magazines that Aaron bought. It was either Real Simple or Cooking Light....I learned that one cup of watermelon has more lycopene than its red fruit relative the tomato. Lycopene is our friend and scientists hav found that a high dietary intake of lycopene reduces the incidence of certain types of cancer and reduces risk of heart attack. Dr. Oz is often extolling the virtues of lycopene. Also, watermelon is hugely rich in beta-carotene, another powerful anti-oxidant. Sweet, delicious, refreshing AND oh so good for you!

It's very rare that TJs doesn't have at least one kind of watermelon. If you have a juicer and you haven't juiced a watermelon ever, please please please try this yummy refreshing treat in the heat of the Summer. Watermelon is my favorite healthy summer dessert. It's also how I start most of my mornings. Watermelon -- or any melon -- is what your digestion wants when it "breaks" its "fast" in the morning. Watermelon is easy to digest, goes right through you, like little scrubbing bubbles for your colon!

If you don't know how to pick a watermelon, have one of the TJ crew members help you. But if you tap on it or slap it, you'll hear a hollow sound. Tap or slap a few and you'll start hearing the nuances in the sounds they make. The more hollow sounding the better.

New Orleans is really hot and humid right now, and we started our mornings with fresh fruit, including mostly great watermelon. This morning, I had the best surprise of all. I had put it in the hotel refrigerator last night and when I pulled it out it was partially frozen (my preference over fully frozen). What a delight on a hot humid morn!

Stay cool everyone....let watermelon help you stay cool and healthy, the Lazy Way!

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