Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Grandma's Message

Moving is annoying and cool for one reason: it makes you purge.  Because I only had a couple weeks to prepare for my move, I didn't get to go through everything I needed to get through.  I did a whole helluva lot, but now as I set up my new house, as I unpack, I am purging even more now.  I now have several more give-away boxes.

Along with trash and donations I am also finding little gems like the one I just found that prompted this post.  A nearly illegible note that I had scrawled on an envelope several years ago.  It was a note I had taken during a conversation with my grandmother at the end of her life, when she was in and out of clarity, and seemed to be spending a good deal of her awake time in a very happy, though not earthly plain. 

I remember grabbing the envelope and pen as if it happened only hours ago.  She had just made me laugh really hard.   I remember thanking her for always making me laugh.  She replied:

"I had to make you laugh.  It's not from me, you know.  It's from somebody you love.  I'm talking about God."

I very nearly threw this envelope away.  I'm glad I was really taking my time and going through this lot of stuff with a fine tooth comb.  Sometimes quiet and calm pays off big.  And, sometimes the pain of moving has many hidden gifts.

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