Tuesday, August 30, 2011

You Have Exactly What You Need

I have received a great lesson in the last couple of days, as I have discovered repeatedly that I have exactly what I need. 

I am still getting settled in my house and put a bunch of pots around an area where I'm creating a "moment" -- a lovely little spot to view from afar that will just make me happy.  I thought I needed to get about 10 plants to fill up the arrangement of pots.  But, because I didn't have the energy to get to the Farmer's Market this weekend, and I decided at 8 p.m. last night that I wanted to get it done, I found that I had exactly what I needed in terms of plants for the pots.  I had plants that were too big for their pots.  I had plants sitting around here and there that were just waiting for my attention.  In 15 minutes of pillaging and re-purposing, I made a beautiful arrangement of potted plants. 

I finally decided to put art up on the walls yesterday also.  I was waiting to finish configuring my rooms, but decided I was putting way too much focus on what a few inappropriate nail holes would do to the house!  My God, Bridget, get your priorities straight!

Usually I like to have a second opinion when hanging art, but I just went for it, and while I imagine things will change over time, I am very happy with my results and because I was in the flow of things I was able to hit the mark on my first nail hammering.  All are hung in the perfect spot!  And, boy do I feel more settled with the art up. 

I thought what I had wouldn't be right for this space, but again, I have exactly what I need for this space.

I tend to think "I want this, I want that...more, more...I want more!"  I really am so much more content when I live with what I have.   Not that I haven't bought new things for the new space --  new lovely mid-century furniture to match the house from an estate sale that fits the space perfectly -- but overall I have exactly what I need.

Whole and complete as we are....just as we are.

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