Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lazy Woman Cooks - Even Right after a Move!

I had the gall to have people over for dinner only one week after I moved, but I did the usual Lazy Woman trick -- an Italian spread.  Meats, cheeses, a big salad, and a super easy pasta.  The only cooking I did was cooking the mushroom and artichoke ravioli while I sauteed up some mushroom, artichoke hearts, asparagus and herbs.  And, for dessert, I threw together another Strawberry Tiramisu:   I always put way more sliced strawberries in it than listed, and I also put it in a glass vase instead of on a serving plate as pictured.

Tonight, though, I'm taking a Tiramisu to a dinner party and offered several options to the host.  He chose Chocolate-y, Crunchy and Nutty Tiramisu.  So, I made up this's DE-FRICKING-AMAZINGLICIOUS and so incredibly easy to make.

Buon Appe-Lazy-Tito!

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