Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti - Dealing the Lazy Way

I honestly don't know how the Haitians are processing all the loss. I have a friend who is going through losing her job, getting a divorce, and moving all at once and I was just consoling her for having so very many stressors. And, frankly, I was feeling sorry for myself just before the quake -- and embarassingly after the quake too -- for the stressors I have going on with my father's estate and passing. Then I caught myself and felt incredibly ashamed.

I just don't understand how they are putting one food in front of the other. To quell my own sense of helplessness and hopelessness I gave money to the Red Cross and Doctors Without Borders. Synchronistically --- a wonderful organization that gives people like you and me an opportunity to give loans to entrepreneurs in impoverished areas around the world --- sent me an email today telling me my last loan was paid so I could lend again. Of course, there were no Haitian entrepreneurs, but there was a group of women in the Dominican Republic, so I gave to them and somehow felt I was reaching out and touching at least Haiti's neighbor for one millisecond.

So, I'm going to keep giving when I can, and Aaron and I are talking about going to Haiti in several months to help rebuilding efforts. We'll see...somehow it makes me feel better to think about it, and to imagine being a part of helping with my own hands.

And, praying, praying I think is a very Lazy Woman tool in these circumstances...I am reminding myself as I write to spend more time praying....

Pray, love, pray, love, pray, love to Haiti.

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