Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Lazy Re-Entry

One of the smartest things I've done in the history of my life here on Earth was setting up a three day sojourn in Palm Springs for my boyfriend and I when we came back from Paris. We were able to come home, unpack and pack a few things and drive out to beautiful Palm Springs to simply decompress before really re-entering our lives.

The trip was a wee bit trying for the Lazy Woman because the luggage was lost until just about 14 hours before our return flight. My carry on was well stocked so it wasn't too stressful for me, but having a 16 year old girl losing her luggage is another story. So, it made for some trying moments. And, then just after the luggage was returned to us....literally 12 hours before we left for the airport I got a doozy of a food poisoning! There's nothing like flying while nauseous, eh?

So booking in some laziness was the best Christmas gift I could have given myself. And, I'd recommend this resort to anyone. The Mira Monte in Indian Wells is a lovely place to stay and they let you bring your dogs too! The food -- literally every meal -- from room service to New Year's Eve was really great and unbelievably well-priced. We felt like we never had to leave and everywhere you looked was beauty. It was peaceful and rejuvenating for body and soul and in this economy it was a really great deal.

Sometimes spending extra money is NOT lazy because it causes stress, but sometimes the payoff is far more than the expense. In this case, re-entering into life after 2 1/2 weeks off was a lot easier, happier and stress-free because I spent a little extra.

If you can't book time away, though, book time in your bathtub or a lovely lunch out, or a mini massage, or whatever rekindles your soul for the budget you have. The Laziest thing to do is take care of YOU so you can take care of others and all your commitments.

Happy New Year!

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