Monday, January 18, 2010

Lazy Love Scarf

There is so much love out there, so much love. I have had a truly miraculous week with The Love Scarf Project. I started this project several years ago after my friend Robbie died at the City of Hope from graft rejection disease after his bone marrow transplant he got while fighting, battling, having a knock down drag out fight with leukemia. Robbie had friends with him 24/7, but most patients -- including children -- did not have someone with them round the clock. Some people were so far from home, they had no visitors. No visitors. Can you imagine fighting for your life without your loved ones?
So I started the Love Scarf Project and beautiful people around the country knit scarves that we deliver to patients so they feel loved round the clock. But, really all I did was start it, and other beautiful women -- some that I know, some that I will likely never meet -- started inspiring each other to spread the love, spread the desire to knit for these sweet souls who are fighting for their lives.
My father's death in October has thrown my life a little out of whack. I've had to let go of the expectations of how my life should look in a lot of areas of my life. It has been hard to let go of the expectation about where I should be -- especially once the New Year hit and I realized I was only six weeks from delivery. I started freaking out. It's been a real exercise to let go of the expectations because it effects not just me, it's for others. I have gotten tense, then let go, then tension, then letting go, over and over.
Then the miracles started: day after day for the last 7 days I've received news that people I know and don't know are knitting up a storm! Not only are they knitting, but they are so excited to knit for these patients, and it's really giving them something. It's the gifts giving gifts and love giving love.
I am so blessed. And, still, I need to keep letting go of the expectations. Lazy Women get to give more if they keep letting go, keep doing the work while letting go, and letting the miracles happen!

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