Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lazy Valentine's Day Present

I just had the most fun! Luckily Aaron doesn't read this blog because I just made his Valentine's Day present for him and I can tell you how fun and easy it was!

I went to Vista Print to order the Love Scarf Project cards that will be attached to each of the scarves we hand out just before Valentine's Day at the City of Hope. Just that alone was so fun and so easy to make on their site. It's really a Lazy Woman design tool and deliveries come super fast in my experience.

When I was done, I noticed there is a "Specials" page that I had never checked out so I went there and found there was a sale on making hard cover books. I had made a beautiful hard cover book for my dad last Christmas of pictures from our previous Christmas. He absolutely adored it. I did that book on another site (for the life of me I can't remember which one!) and it was super easy.

So, I just made one for Aaron on the Vista Print site from photos of all of our travels since we many romantic trips. It is the easiest personalized gift on the planet!

Tips if you do it:

1. They give you backgrounds to use, but you can actually use your own other photographs in the you can use a photo in the foreground and a different one in the background.
2. You can put text anywhere on the page, just click on the TEXT tab and drag the TEXT icon anywhere you want it to go.
3. Bottom line -- you can move and adjust just about everything. So, whenever you feel stuck, know that there is a way to adjust and personalize it even more.
4. I'm not big on little icons -- virtual stickers -- but they have tons of them. Great selection if you are into them!

Love love love,

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