Monday, January 11, 2010

What's a Lazy Resolution?

Will the re-solution you just made re-solve that thing that's been bugging you? Have you solved it before? Have you had the solution before, used it, and made a difference to achieve the goal: more money, less debt, more skinny, less fat, more fun, less work?

Re-solutions can definitely be lazy if they are going to bring you less stress and more joy. So, the deal with resolutions is to bring them into your life with as much grace and ease as possible. Can the re-solution be the forever solution? Can you bring it into your life like a new puppy? It's here to stay, never to be "re" again, to be the solution for now and always.

Before I picked up my dog Lucy, I read books, websites, bought all the equipment, the puppy pads, the crate for "training" (that never happened but I had the crate and the know-how), the special food, tiny bowls, etc. And, I made sure my travel schedule was appropriate for a new arrival, etc. I talked to friends who I knew had experience with puppies, loved puppies, supported my decision to get a puppy so I had a bit of an emotional support system for the transition. I crafted my life so it supported the new addition, because it was important to me. When it's important, you do what is necessary to solve it for this year, next year, and forever.

By the way if you didn't make your resolution on New Year's Day, don't get your panties in a bunch, it's perfectly Lazy Wonderful to set up your Lazy SOLUTION today.

So, here's to Lazy New Year's SOLUTIONS....bringing you less stress and a lot more joy!

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