Thursday, April 22, 2010

Can You Love Your Neck? aka Lazy Woman Neck Solution

My friend, Miss Salle (aka divine author and life coach, Salle Redfield) was very sweetly trying to calm me down a few weeks back when I was on a rant about my neck. She told me about a product that really worked for her. I thought, "Well it won't work with me, because her skin is far cooler than mine AND her neck is NOT aging!" But, she told me that after only one week she saw a difference and after a month she saw a substantial difference.

So, I went over to Sephora which was the most convenient place to get it -- Dr. Brandt's V-Zone Neck Cream. As Salle said "It's not cheap, but it works." It's $60 for a jar which I'm guessing will last a couple of months. I started using it and then I was out of town for four days after just using it a couple of day, but even still after about 7 days of applications I truly did see a visible difference.

Did you all read the book "I Feel Bad About My Neck" (which I always misremember as I HATE My Neck"!!! LOL!) by Nora Ephron? It's a hilarious fun read about aging. When I read it I was thinking "Oh thank god I don't have to worry about my neck yet!" Of course, the next week my neck visibly aged one dark and lonely night!

I'm working on becoming more Zen about my aging. In the meantime, I'm going to use all the little tricks and Lazy Woman tips -- like this cream -- and take comfort in the "time arrest" factor -- TIME ARREST is what is written just above V-Zone Neck Cream on the jar...yes, it's part of the name! Arresting interesting concept. I strive to arrest the discomfort of aging, but again, in the meantime....

Sometimes being Lazy is taking action. It's like Aaron's car. His daughter backed into something accidentally and fixing it would have doubled his car insurance. But, every time he saw the dent it really bugged him so he found a guy who could fix it really cheap, and end of upset! If there's something nagging at you every time you see it, and you can't reach a peaceful place in the face of it, take action.

Lazily Loving My Neck on a Wednesday Morn...

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