Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lazy Woman Loves a Lazy Ox aka Oh My God Genius Restaurant in LA

Aaron and I had each read about this restaurant a few times before we got to it. He went before I did (oh boy was I jealous!) but I finally got to go with him tonight and I have to say it was one of my favorite meals ever. I forgot to take pictures, which is a crying shame because the food was so gorgeous...from the dark purple tones of the Sangria with floating chunks of bright green apple ... to the salad with yellow beets, mandarine oranges marconi almonds, and just the tiniest bit of feta on a bright and crispy bed of greens the green barley with peas and feta and pickled purple onions the fresh popping muscles in a spicy bright red the best rice pudding you will ever find on this planet -- seriously, no kidding --- it comes in a small bowl and next to it is a bowl of a maple-ey caramel-y warm syrup which is next to a bowl of freshly whipped and barely sweetened whip cream.

Oh and when you sit down and order your drinks out comes a tiny bowl (plenty though) of enormously huge corn kernels toasted in lime and chili.

So, if you are in LA and you need a Lazy Night Off from Cooking at a Really Lazy Ass Great Price, head over to the Lazy Ox Canteen!

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