Friday, April 02, 2010

Lazy Woman Lemonade Love

I am on Day 5 of this Master Cleanse and just got back from the most delicious workout and then massage. Yes, believe it or not, you WANT to work out on this fast, and your body loves it. It was delicious. Although I will say I didn't push myself tonight because my body didn't want to be pushed. And, then I gave it a huge treat -- a 90 minute massage!

My body is not nearly as tense as it normally is when I'm on a fast for some reason. But, it feels really good to have the energy moved around, and to simply give it some love.

There's a way to do this fast and definitely treating your body to baths and massage. Also, fill the house with fresh flowers and beauty, so your home becomes like your retreat/spa center.

Beauty is important to me. Seeing beautiful things relaxes me. So, I put all the ingredients for my fast on one big tray. You only see one lemon in this pic because in the morning I'll be going out to pick more lemons ...but all else is there....including my beautiful Italian Fish plate that my friend, Salle gave me for my birthday! I love it so much and intend on using it every single day that I can, and if I can't fill it with food I will fill it with the makins' of a drink!

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