Thursday, April 01, 2010

Lazy Easter Flower Arrangements -- Trader Joe's Kinda Lazy!!!!

Here are a couple fun and oh so amazingly inexpensive Easter arrangements. If I weren't fasting I would have made one with purple grapes...but I used kumquats because I wasn't tempted to EAT the arrangements! LOL!

One package of kumquats filled two small vases for $2.59. You can use baby apples, key limes, grapes, baby mandarines, etc.

The daffodils are obviously on sale at Trader Joe's these days so this first arrangement cost less than $4!

The next arrangement is mostly tulips which were on sale today for $3.49, lillies whose tones in real life looked great with the kumquats, and some dark irises to just make it pop and fill out the Easter egg color scheme.
You can get as creative as you want this time of year -- Trader Joe's is full of flowers and fruits and veggies that are spectacularly beautiful and very easy to mix and match. Have some Easter fun!

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  1. Nice work!

    Even though it may look like I'm pluggin' my place of work, I seriously only try to buy flowers from Joe's. They are usually ridiculously lower than the other stores in the area!

    Nice Blog!

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