Friday, June 17, 2011

Take 5: The Lazy Woman's Road to Meditation

One of my Lazy tricks I play on myself is "Take 5."  I make myself commit to just five minutes of some action that I don't want to do, just to get myself doing it.  Sometimes I'll commit to 15, but if it's something I really don't feel like doing I commit to just 5 minutes. 

Recently, when I decided I needed to start meditating on a daily basis again, I just started with 5.  I very quickly moved my minimum to 10.  And, usually I go way past the minimum I set up for myself.  Within just a few days I was actually craving my meditation, and wouldn't even think of doing less than 10.  Now, first thing in the morning when I get out of bed, I'm in the habit and wouldn't think of not giving myself those quiet moments to start my day in peace and power.  It's better than orange juice -- to start my day out right!  I am far more centered for my entire day because of my practice and I'm grateful that I started.

Whenever people tell me they want to write, or they have a book idea, I say "just take 5!"  I tell them to start with a bare minimum commitment: 5 minutes each day.  If they really are a writer or their idea for a book really has merit, they will WANT to write more than five minutes each day.  They will be pleased with their writing, with the process and will naturally move their minimum commitment up, up, and up, until soon they are inching toward their goal of having a book written.  And, they will be happy doing it.  It's like I wouldn't even think of only meditating for five minutes.  It's too delicious.  I want to do it longer. 

If my desk is a mess or my garage has an area that has gotten out of hand, I'll commit to a minimum of 15 minutes.  To protect myself, I set a timer for the 15 minutes.  If it rings and I want to keep going, I do.  But, if I don't want to do anymore, I maintain my integrity to myself: I gave myself my word that I only needed to do 15 minutes, so I keep my word to myself.  It's important that you keep your word to yourself.  It goes the other way too.  If you are about to fall asleep and you remember you didn't do your 5 minutes, get up and do it: keep your word.  Otherwise what you are saying to yourself is "That goal, that dream, that idea, etc. isn't that important."  Honor yourself, your brilliance, your ideas:  Keep your word.

And, be gentle with yourself.  If 5 is too much, start with 2 minutes.  As my pilates teacher says "you can do anything for just two minutes!"   She's usually saying this at the mid-way mark of a 4 minute plank!  LOL!    But, seriously, if 5 minutes is too much pressure, do 2! In being gentle with yourself to start, you can very gingerly move yourself into realms you know you want to go, but where you have some hesitation or psychological barrier. 

So, give yourself a break and have a breakthrough: TAKE 5!!!!!!

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