Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Lazy Livin' Life -- Great Advice from Deathbeds

One of the purposes of many spiritual traditions is to prepare us for death.  The guru of my guru in India apparently on his deathbed simply exhaled on his last breath the mantra "So-ham" which means I am that.  The lesson was that his final moment of life was as pure and peaceful and in the moment as possible as he had spent so many of his life's moments present to the fact that he was indeed "so-ham."

A friend just posted this link to an article about people's regrets on their deathbeds.  I think it's stellar Lazy advice.

We never know when, where, might as well get your proverbial ducks in a row and live in this moment to the fullest, eh?

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  1. Peter1:46 PM

    Absolutely. Like my parents always said: whatever it is you want to do, have a go, give it a try, overcome that fear, cross that bridge, but do it before it's too late