Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Compassion -- It's the Lazy Thing to Do

Compassion is not my forte, and therefore God is being super good to me by showering me with lessons re: compassion.

A couple days ago I was listening to a recording of the workshop "To Love and Be Loved" by the brilliant Stephen Levine and his wife Ondrea.  You too can get the recording at soundstrue.com!  I highly recommend it. 
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He made a most hilarious and moving comment when he was speaking about what a hard time we have with our emotions, and that generally we don't have compassion for our own emotions or other people's.  He said we would probably all be far better equipped "If we had 'Compassion' class in third grade..." 

It's so true.  It's hard to be with someone else's sadness or anger.  I want to make it better or fight against it.  And, I am even less compassionate with my own sadness, anger, frustration, impatience, etc. 

Mark Nepo's entry for today, May 22 says:  "[C]ompassion asks that we open like mountains to the sky, like mountains that can withstand every kind of weather."

That is an image I will cling to in the future, like a vine I can use to swing through a jungle of emotions.

We can withstand any kind of emotional weather.  We do it consistently.  Life deals us funky emotional weather all the time -- even here in sunny LA. 

I loved Robert Thurman's book "Circling the Sacred Mountain."  I'm going to try to imagine the mighty Mount Kailash weathering the constantly changing weather tides the next time I am flipping out about my emotions or someone else's.  

Circling the Sacred Mountain : A Spiritual Adventure Through the Himalayas

It's a new muscle, the Compassion muscle, nestled deep in the heart.  Thank God I have masters like Mark Nepo and Stephen Levine to remind me of the need to work it out to stay emotionally fit, and just be a good citizen of the planet!


  1. I admire people like mother Teresa with all my life, because it takes effort to love and take care of people even when the world around discover new reasons to hate and insult each other !!

  2. That is an image I will cling to in the future, like a vine I can use to swing through a jungle of emotions.