Saturday, May 12, 2012

Vim and Vinegar --- Lazy Woman Tool!

One of my grandma's cleaning secrets was cleaning her beautiful hardwood floors with Vinegar + Water.  Yep, that's it.  She told me after I asked her what she used to keep them so incredibly beautiful and shiny.  They were always gorgeous.   I tried it a few times, loved it, but somehow fell out of the habit.

Well, yesterday I learned a tip that vinegar and water softens the skin on your feet, so I was soaking my feet in the magical softening elixir.  It really does work!  While remarking how incredible it was, I knocked a little onto the wood floor.  I thought, "My God, Grandma!!!  I'm so sorry I forgot!"  I got up and washed the entire floor and boy does it look gorgeous.

What else does vinegar do?  Well about a year ago I had a manicure.  I'm a pedicure girl, but rarely get manicures, because I'm not really a girl to that level!  In this manicure, I apparently got a nail fungus on my several fingers.  I've been trying to get rid of it with home remedies, and it is almost gone, but I wanted to get rid of it completely.  Well, soaking in vinegar my fingers in vinegar just a couple times a day even has improved it in just two days. 

I noticed when I was soaking my hands in it that the new sterling silver ring I got at an estate sale this morning was getting clean!  So, I plopped it in the vinegar and it is now gorgeous! 

My dad was the master of home cures having grown up in a little farm town.  Vinegar is great for soothing sunburns, and he would have me drink vinegar when I had a cold.  He had other uses for it that I can't remember, but check out this awesome website for more tips:

Vinegar is certainly a Lazy Woman tool that will now be a staple in my cupboards!

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